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Transform your Organization by Harnessing the Mobile Workforce Revolution

Are you Ready for a Mobile Workforce Revolution?

Experts agree that the fourth industrial revolution is upon us. The first was powered by the steam engine. The second by Henry Ford’s moving production line. The third by the digitization of manufacturing. But the fourth industrial revolution is different – it’s a mobile workforce workforce revolution

Why? Because it is disruptive, fast, and covers just about every industry imaginable. New platforms continue to innovate to bring people, processes, and technologies together.

Most importantly, these platforms are all available via mobile devices like smartphones and handheld enterprise computers.

The result is a new era of production. But not all organizations will adapt enough to take advantage.

A corresponding revolution is helping to distinguish the winners from the losers. This Mobile Workforce Revolution is already well underway. It not only offers new ways of working by introducing an entirely new level of visibility into operations. It also presents unique opportunities for greater productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. Organizations that understand these opportunities and act on them quickly will reap the full benefits in the industrial age ahead.

What does the Revolution Look Like?

It’s the leap in warehouse productivity from halving the time it takes to pick an order. The improved healthcare outcomes from nurses working side-by-side with patients to help them visualize their treatment and prognosis. It’s the boost in customer confidence from delivery drivers getting to every stop on time.

And it’s the peace of mind of a store manager who knows that every shelf is fully stocked – and correctly priced.

It pays to know where you stand.

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