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RMS Omega & Zebra: Working Together

RMS Omega and Zebra work together to provide companies of all sizes with technology solutions to help you reach your goals.

Strategic Technology Solutions from RMS Omega and Zebra Technologies

rms omega is a premier parther with zebra technologies

Zebra Technologies Premier Solutions Partner

For over 20 years, RMS Omega has helped both large and small organizations design, deploy, manage, and service RFID, barcode, data collection, wireless, mobility, and location technology throughout the United States and Canada.

With the right combination of Zebra technology and Our solution expertise, we provide companies of all sizes with solutions that will help them succeed.

RMS Omega and Zebra Create Customer Success Stories

Warehouse OS Migration…and Beyond!

A major automotive company’s part distribution process needed automation to support the increased volume at multiple locations around North America. They were using Honeywell products at some sites and chose to upgrade to the Android platform. RMS Omega recommended Zebra handhelds to perform their migration. RMS provided all the professional services for them at every location and supported their RF networks. This customer experienced the value of having us implement the migration and support the RF network. We have become their “go-to” provider for all their ADC requirements, which has expanded into Zebra printers and consumables. We’re currently working on a voice solution to increase productivity.

Mobilizing Healthcare with HCA

In 2009, Hospital Corporation of America contacted us to provide a solution for specimen collection labeling at the bedside of the lab. We deployed MobiLab at their Dallas, TX, facility. This solution enabled phlebotomists to view a collection list, scan a patient’s wristband, and print and verify specimens into the Meditech system using a PPT8846 and Zebra QL wireless printer. The original project included eight sets of devices. Today, approximately 100 HCA sites use this application. Combining the Zebra MC55 and TC61 rugged mobile computers, Zebra QLn, and ZQ610 mobile printers to create a total solution. HCA now has several thousand printers and handhelds in it’s system, with new devices added on an almost daily basis. The original Dallas facility how has approximately 400 Zebra printers and 75 handhelds in use by all departments, from Lab to Nursing to Respiratory Therapy.


Future-Proof Manufacturing Solution

Anvil was increasing its manufacturing production in its current facility and had an immediate need for new mobile devices. Their current WMS required Windows OS, but management also recognized that, in 12 to 15 months, they would be implementing a new WMS with an Android-based platform. In addition, we provided the Zebra MC92N0 with WE and will convert the devices to Android as soon as Anvil is ready to make the switch. RMS Omega’s professional services group handled all the configurations for both implementations.

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Solutions by RMS Omega & Zebra

  • Leading RFID Solutions

    RFID delivers real-time visibility to optimize efficiency, accuracy, and profitability when deployed correctly. RMS Omega will evaluate operational needs and implement the best RFID solution to achieve desired results. RFID Pros by RMS Omega is one of the few certified Zebra RFID solutions experts in North America.

  • RestEasy RFID™

    With RMS Omega’s Patented RFID technology and Zebras RFD8500 Handheld RFID/1D/2D Sled, a line of sight is not required to scan and collect patient data. Nurses can quickly scan and identify a patient without adjusting or disturbing them regardless of their position or orientation.

  • Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)

    RMS Omega is one of only a few partners certified to provide Zebra Locationing Solutions including MotionWorks. Our team is excited to develop and deploy strategic applications for Yard Management, Asset Visibility, Work In Process, Inventory Tracking, Material Flow Systems, and Zebra Sports Solutions.

  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions

    Experts in AIDC technology applications, RMS Omega has been developing enterprise mobile and tracking solutions for over 20 years. We’re barcode, data collection, wireless, and mobility masters designing strategic technology solutions to improve productivity, meet new compliance demands, and reduce operating costs.

  • Professional Services

    RMS Omega provides a broad range of professional services to provide customers with a complete and total technology solution. We want to make sure they fully understand how to use their new solution and get the most out of their investment. Some of our most popular services include hardware and software deployment, pre-configuration and testing, device management, technical support, and wireless infrastructure services. RMS Omega is a Zebra Authorized Repair Specialist.

  • Label & Supplies Experts

    RMS Omega has a dedicated Zebra Label and Supplies Expert on staff. Using the right labels, tags, and printing supplies is just the first step to reliable and accurate barcode scanning and printing. To be functional, barcode and RFID labels need to be legible, scannable, and able to stay attached to the item. Although the quality of the printer and scanner can impact the functionality of the label, compliant readability usually begins with the characteristics of the label or tag itself.

Our Technology Solutions By Application

Asset Tracking

Automated asset tracking and location solutions create a chain of custody over critical fixed, shared, and moving assets.

Inventory Management

Make asset and inventory management easier with tailored data collection solutions that improve visibility and data accuracy.

Check In/Out

Check in/ check out systems create an automated chain of custody over equipment, assets, and inventory. Helping companies avoid loss and enhance visibility.

RFID Work in Process

Monitor products or raw materials as they pass through different steps in a process & enforce organizational compliance.

Voice Automation

Warehouses and distribution centers use voice automation to increase safety, optimize fulfillment, and eliminate picking errors and inefficiencies.

RFID Tracking

RMS Omega's RFID Pros help companies design, deploy, manage and service RFID technology solutions that improve productivity, meet new compliance demands, and reduce operating costs.

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)

Pinpoint the movement and location of assets, inventory, and personnel with real-time location systems.

Labeling Compliance & Supplies Management

RMS Omega's custom supplies and services ensure that you never run out of essential consumables.

Maintain Peace of Mind with an RMS Signature Service Plan

Keep your operations running smoothly with an RMS Signature Service Plan and eliminate the time-consuming frustration often associated with traditional tech support processes. With RMS service, you can supplement standard warranty coverage to ensure you experience minimal disruptions to your technology and workflows.

RMS Omega offers support plans and bundled packages for technical device support, setup and configuration, remote management, and printer repair. With RMS Signature Service Plans, we’re here to be your first point of contact and make sure you get the help you need when you need it. Our most popular packaged services include technical support, device configuration, remote device management, printer repair services, and wireless infrastructure services.

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