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Field Mobility Applications

Enterprise Field Sales and Service Solutions

With field service automation, you are replacing a manual or paper driven dispatching, routing and reporting system with an automated, electronic process. In field sales automation, you are allowing your sales staff quicker access to customer information and the ability to generate invoices and quotes, capture credit card payments and process invoices on the road.

Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever so you will want the most effective technology available to coordinate and support them when they are out in the field. Whether they are doing sales calls, servicing equipment, managing a construction project or delivering perishables, your employees need to have confidence in their communication for both capturing and accessing information. RMS Omega can work with you to find the mobile technology solution that is just right for your business, both hardware and software applications.

There are mobile apps that can be customized to respond to your business needs in the field, including:

Sales Force Support

Mobile computers connected to a corporate database allow the sales team to:

  • Access customer history and all the real time info they need to promote, price and sell product
  • Focus on customer concerns such as delivery dates, instead of searching for basic information
  • Provide quotes and seal the deal while still with the customer

Service Centers

Both dispatch and service technicians in the field can benefit from mobile computers and            software that allow them to:

  • Access the history of customer equipment, including warranty details
  • Scan barcodes to access diagnostics for equipment
  • Access info about the cost and availability of parts
  • Generate work orders and receive authorizations

Such efficiencies translate into faster response times, elimination of paperwork, more opportunity to upsell and increased customer satisfaction.

DSD Route Accounting

Supply chain software on a mobile computer or smartphone supports an efficient delivery system by providing:

  • Real time tracking and visibility, complying with relevant traceability regulations for food, drugs and other perishables
  • Location info for scheduling the fastest routes


Mobile devices with inventory management software on construction sites allow your supervisors to:

  • Print and scan barcodes for tracking and management of consumables such as building materials and fixed assets such as cranes
  • Redeploy equipment and workers in order to reduce downtime and keep project on schedule
  • Coordinate equipment, supplies and personnel among several work sites

Asset Management

Mobile solutions with handheld computers, barcode and/or RFID software and a centralized database allow your managers to track and manage assets across the entire operations, no matter how many sites, including:

  • Monitor usage and condition of equipment, vehicles and other assets
  • Schedule maintenance and be alert to the need for emergency repairs
  • Monitor users for concerns about safety, loss or theft, noncompliance with company procedures and lack of accountability for keeping equipment in good condition

RMS Omega can work with you to make sure the software applications meet your specific needs for data collection, storage, retrieval and user access. Supported by the right devices and apps, your mobile workforce will be more efficient and productive. Customer satisfaction and loyalty will follow. Costs decrease; revenues increase. Everyone wins!

Contact us to discuss the details about field mobility applications that are best for your business.

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