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Field Service Applications

RMS Omega can help you equip your service technicians in the field with mobile computing devices and software that allow them to input and access essential data in a central database back in the office or warehouse. Whether your employees service equipment or appliances, take readings for a utility company, conduct building inspections or service vending machines, you can increase:

  • Productivity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Profitability

Most service calls are to solve problems, not to do preventative maintenance. That means your technicians are probably dealing with frustrated customers. You are well aware of the basic principles of good customer service, from same day response to completing the job on the first call and being able to discuss their particular equipment and situations. To make that happen, you need to provide your service people with the tools to do the job efficiently.

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Features of a Field Service Application

Your service person working in a customer’s business or home needs a mobile device loaded with an application that will let him:

  • Access info about warranties on the customer’s equipment
  • Scan barcodes to connect with diagnostic information back at the office
  • Access technical manuals and resource personnel
  • Scan meter readings
  • Access real time info about the availability and cost of parts
  • Estimate costs and time for maintenance or repair work
  • Generate work orders and submit for authorization
  • Keep in touch with dispatch for new or changed work orders
  • Process info for invoice or actual electronic payments
  • Scan and transmit electronic signatures
  • Input info about service calls as soon as they are completed
  • Access shared schedules, routing and map information

Such software can be supported by a mobile computing device that might look like a regular smartphone or tablet but has full service functionalities, including:

  • Barcode scanner for immediate input and access to customer and equipment information
  • Camera
  • GPS
  • Voice communication and/or voice-to-text

Benefits of Field Service Solution

RMS Omega specialists can review your service operations, identify technology needs and recommend applications that are just right for your business. The benefits will be obvious immediately, including:

  • Streamlined workflow as there is no back and forth on the phone or in person between service technicians in the field and dispatchers and resource people in the office
  • More efficient work distribution as the dispatcher knows exactly where technicians are, what they are doing and how long they will be
  • Increased productivity and less downtime as the service person has immediate access to customer info, warranty, service agreements, parts availability and anything else needed to complete the service call
  • More service calls can be handled in a working day
  • Elimination of time consuming paperwork

Ask our RMS Omega team to explain how you can increase profitability with one of our excellent technology applications for your service technicians in the field. Efficiencies translate into cost effectiveness. Satisfied customers are loyal and open to purchasing new, different or more product.

Contact us now to start improving your field service processes.

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