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The Link-OS Environment – Connect, Manage & Maintain Zebra Printers

Introducing the Link-OS Environment – Pairing Smart Zebra Printers with Powerful Software Apps for Better Management, Maintenance, and Integration.

The Link-OS Environment is an open platform that combines an innovative operating system, a powerful Multi-platform Software Development Kit (SDK), and software applications to easily integrate, manage and maintain your Zebra printers. This new environment allows for easy integration into your existing business systems and provides effective printer management and maintenance from any location.

ZT series printers mid range industrial barcode printer

What can Link-OS do?
Link-OS allows you to develop applications that can interact with your Zebra printers and mobile devices, no matter your location. The environment is also extremely flexible, enabling new and creative ways for organizations to manage their printers.One benefit of the Link-OS Environment is the option to use the cloud. You can connect Link-OS printers securely and directly to Cloud-based apps for printer management, printing or as part of a powerful data collection platform.

Link-OS Apps Include:

  • Profile Manager – One application to manage all of your Link-OS printers
  • Virtual Devices – Providing legacy printer support
  • Print Touch – Device information, pairing and app launching
  • Print Station – Enables printing from Android tablets and smartphones
  • Cloud Connect – Connect securely and directly to the Cloud
  • AirWatch Connector – Eliminating multiple tools for device management
  • Link-OS SDK – Use the Multi-platform Software Development Kit to create custom apps

Learn more about the Link-OS environment, the available apps and capabilities, download a datasheet.

The Link-OS Environment is compatible with certain Zebra printers. These printers include:

  • Mobile printers: QLn Series, iMZ Series, ZQ500 Series
  • Industrial printers: ZT200 Series
  • Desktop printers: ZD500
  • RFID printers: ZD500R

If you are interested in learning more about Zebra’s Link-OS Environment, please contact us.