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Using a Wall Mount for Mobile Printers in the Hospital

The Benefits of Mobile Printing in the Hospital

Printing labels at the bedside helps increase accuracy and improve accountability. Returning to the nurse’s station to pick up printed forms, tags or labels can mean returning to the bedside with the wrong item, and consequently following the wrong directions for a given patient. When using a mobile printer, labels can be printed in full sight of the patient in question, eliminating the dangers of misidentification and saving valuable time.

Assigning a Mobile Printer to a Room or Cart

Many hospitals use the Zebra QLn Series mobile printer on carts or in locations where the printer is mounted to the wall.

RMS Omega offers several different wall mounting options for the Zebra QLn Series, including a powered pedestal mount and a low-profile fixed wall mount. The pedestal mount includes a locking move clip that utilizes the printer’s existing power supply. The other option is a low-profile fixed mount that does not incorporate the printer’s power supply.

Learn More About Mounts & Accessories

See how our Powered Pedestal Mount works with the Zebra QLn Series. Watch a short video here: