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Datalogic Introduces Wireless Charging Technology

Datalogic Wireless Charging, Gives Them a Serious Competitive Advantage

Datalogic, an international powerhouse, and leader in industrial automation markets and automatic data capture has debuted their groundbreaking charging technology. Recognized globally as a technology leader and retail industry innovator, they are continuing to enhance their retail technology. As a result, they have introduced two new products with industry-leading wireless technology that will address one of the industry’s greatest challenges. Device downtime from lack of charge, broken contacts, and other maladies consequently from traditional wired charging.

Wireless charging is available on the Datalogic’s Memor 10, Memor 1, and Gryphon 4500 Series. Watch a short video to learn more:

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Issues in Retail Today

Retailers heavily rely on technology to deliver accurate inventories, fast service, quick payment, and other services. Devices such as mobile computers and wireless scanners are crucial to delivering these services and benefits to the enterprise and consumer. These innovative devices require regular and frequent charging so they can ensure consistent and top-quality operation. Retailers having an abundance of devices deployed throughout the enterprise faces with tactical and logistical challenges due to ensuring their devices are fully charged.

These devices may require a cable and charging adapter, which creates a great quantity of equipment to maintain, manage, and store. The constant plugging and unplugging of charging cables weakens and wears down the cables, contacts, and connectors. The contacts on mobile devices are a source of failure, so they generate one of the highest causes for repair/downtime.

The Innovation You Need

Datalogic has realized the problem with charging mobile devices, so they are attacking this issue. They are the only manufacturer in the rugged mobile industry to offer wireless charging on its devices. The benefits of this wireless charging feature are as follows:

  • Fast charging to reduce the number of extra batteries and the need to change batteries
  • Eliminating maintenance and cleaning of connector contacts
  • Eliminating wires and special charging adapters
  • Increased product life by removing charging contacts, a known failure point
  • Improved charging reliability

Above all, Datalogic has delivered a new era of technology, and the wireless charging feature is offered on many of its products. These products include the new Memor™ 1 mobile computer, Memor™ 10 rugged PDA, Joya™ Touch A6 retail computer, and the Gryphon™ 4500 handheld scanner. The wireless charging system enhances the reliability of the entire solution while lowering the total cost of ownership (no need for contact cleaning or maintenance procedures). Finally, the maximum reliability offered with the wireless charging technology means 24/7 activities with no stops for maintenance or repair. As a result, this ensures top-level productivity and performance.

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