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Zebra Enterprise Grade Tablet – Built for Business

Introducing Zebra’s New ET50 / ET55 Tablet

Zebra’s latest enterprise tablet comes with a choice of Android or Windows operating systems and is available in 8.3-inch or 10.1-inch versions. This tablet is rugged and ready to work, inside and outdoors – a great fit for field services/sales, transportation, and logistics, DSD/route accounting, and retail. Designed for flexible mounting and docking, the ET50/ET55 offers an array of accessories that improve basic functionality like scanning, configuration, charging, and mounting.

Consumer Grade Comparison

Your workers want a tablet that has the same styling and familiar, easy-to-use applications as the ones they have at home. But your business needs a tablet that will hold up to everyday use in the field, provide enterprise-class data capture, that’s easy to manage and secure, and can be customized to meet specific job requirements. Zebra’s new business tablets may be the solution you’re looking for to provide the best of both worlds.

Consumer Grade Tablets:

  • Familiar style and design
  • Low cost, “disposable” with a 1-2 year lifespan
  • Need a case for protection
  • Lacks enterprise-class network and device management
  • Limited accessories for specific business applications
Zebra ET50 and ET55 Enterprise Tablets:

  • Same styling of today’s most popular consumer tablets
  • Durable & Reliable
  • Long battery life
  • Robust platform
  • Enterprise-class admin & data security security
  • Integrated barcode scanning
  • Out-of-box integration with enterprise apps and solutions
  • 3-4 year lifespan, lower TCO
  • Accessory family-to-customer tablets to meet the specific needs of your job

ET50/ET55 Tablet Features:

  • Choice of Android™ or Windows Operating System
  • Choose the Size that’s Right for the Job – Available in an 8.3 inch, or 10.1-inch display.
  • Wi-Fi and 4G LTE Support – Use inside or outside the four walls, the ET50/ET55’s support of 802.11a/b/g/n ensures compatibility with an existing WLAN. With 4G LTE support, the ET50/ET55 gives workers a robust wireless connection on the world’s fastest cellular networks.
  • Capturing Barcodes, Images, and Video – Integrated 8MP rear camera is designed for the occasional capture of barcodes and images, while the 2MP front camera is ideal for video calls. Optional advanced imaging engines can be added to capture any 1D or 2D barcode, farther and faster—whether printed on paper or displayed on the screen of a mobile phone and regardless of being damaged, scratched or poorly printed.
  • Extraordinary Power Efficiency – Energy efficient quad-core processor, and LPDDR3 RAM memory technology cut memory power consumption in half.
  • Rugged and Ready for Work, Inside and Outdoors – Built to handle drops, spills, rain, snow, or dust. Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 with Native Damage Resistance™ allows the display to better survive real-world events that most commonly cause glass failure. IP65 sealing provides a dust-tight design.

A family of accessories helps customize your tablet solution to maximize worker productivity.

Consumer tablets are not built for business and don’t offer the wide range of accessories you need to provide your workers with the right features and your IT department with easy backroom management. The ET50/ET55 Enterprise Tablets address this gap by providing a comprehensive line of accessories that allow you to tailor data capture features, rugged specifications, and power management for your workforce while providing your IT team with all the accessories they need for easy backroom management and efficient use of backroom space.

Tablet Accessories: 

  • Rugged Frame – Doubles the drop specification to 6ft to concrete.
  • Innovative Expansion Back – Provides advanced barcode scanning, power management, and peripheral flexibility.
  • Optional Battery – Charges main battery and provides auxiliary power and is hot-swappable.
  • Flexible 3-way Operations Case – wear as a holster on a belt, an over-the-shoulder or cross-body strap.
  • Numerous Docking & Charging Options – Solutions for mobile workers & backroom management, vehicle cradles, warehouse vehicle mounts, standard and rugged cradles, and ShareCradle for additional Zebra devices.

View ET50 / ET55 Tablet Product Sheet