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Error-Free Automation: Webinar and Q&A

Maintaining accurate inventory, automating workflows, and keeping up with high demand are just a few of the hurdles that modern warehouses are facing. Fortunately, RFID can serve as a key technology for navigating many of these challenges. In the warehouse, RFID can record inventory movement and location, automate manual workflows, and improve a variety of common warehouse applications. Furthermore, RFID technology can make business operations more accurate, efficient, and leaner. 

In our webinar, “Error-Free Automation with RFID”, our experts sat down to discuss the ways this technology can be leveraged to solve these current supply chain struggles. More importantly, they share real-world customer success stories that have come from implementing RFID technology.

In this live webinar and Q&A, you will learn about:

  • Current warehousing challenges
  • How to achieve more accurate inventory recording
  • Automating warehouse workflows
  • Components & methodology for implementing RFID
  • Real-world use cases & success stories

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