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How Mobile Printing Benefits the Warehouse

ql-warehouseBarcoding and RFID systems are crucial in the warehouse. By labeling items, bins, units and locations, warehouse staff can accurately track and collect data by scanning a barcode. To take things one step further and increase your staff’s efficiency, why not utilize mobile label printers?

When using mobile label printers, your workers are able to attach a barcode or RFID label at the point of application, rather than traveling back and forth to the printing station. By eliminating wasteful trips you are increasing productivity, improving accuracy, and eliminating potential distractions.

Mobile printing systems can provide significant productivity gains as well as a rapid return on investment (ROI). Consider where your workers are printing the labels versus where your potential point of application is. Zebra Technologies conducted a time-motion study of receiving operations. In this study, the worker had to take nine steps to travel from the pallet, with items to be labeled, to the workstation where the labels were actually printed. Pallets were labeled in 42% less time when a belt-worn mobile printer was used. Based on the volume at that particular warehouse, the managers were able to see the productivity gains and return on investment they would receive by switching from stationary to mobile printing.

Worried about mobile printers being dropped and broken? Over the years, many manufacturers have made significant improvements to their printers for this very reason. Mobile printers will be dropped on occasion, and in a warehouse, it’s often on concrete. So needless to say, these printers have to be durable and they have to hold up to dusty, less than desirable environments without issue. When selecting a printer, check the IP rating and drop/tumble specs to confirm the device is rugged. Ask your vendor if you aren’t quite sure what the ratings mean, and seek out recommendations based on your specific work environment.

What a video to see how some of these printers are tested:

If you are looking to make warehouse labeling operations more convenient, improve productivity, reduce labeling errors, and see a return on investment, consider using mobile printers.

To learn more about mobile printing in the warehouse, download: Mobile Printing Streamlines Supply Chain and Warehouse Processes

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