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How to Make Your Mobile Workforce as Productive as Possible

There are many factors in the environment today that can distract or frustrate your mobile workforce and inhibit productivity.  Handwritten paperwork, broken or slow technology, or limiting software capabilities can slow down your employees.  Here are 2 simple steps to make sure your mobile workforce is as productive as possible.

Step 1: Automate your mobile workforce

Using handwritten forms for essential tasks and documents such as sales orders, invoices, repair work orders, and inventory management is inefficient, unreliable, and time-consuming.  Equip your mobile workforce with durable and reliable mobile devices like Zebra mobile touch computers and the ZQ500 mobile printer. Zq500 series mobile printers industrial mobile printingYour staff can take these devices on the job and eliminate handwritten paperwork.

Step 2: Use field service productivity software

Field service productivity software has so many features that allow processes to become fast and easy.  There are typically two applications for the software – a mobile application and a dispatch web-based application. For example, your dispatch center can send a new work order to a field technician in just a few clicks!

There are several benefits to using field service productivity software.  To start, your mobile workforce will have access to information in real-time.  They will get accurate updates and information directly to their mobile devices with virtually no lag time.

Some features of the mobile application include:

  • Work order management
  • Signature
  • Image capture
  • Barcode scanning
  • Mapping and GPS
  • Customization

The web-based application includes the following features:

  • Work order management
  • Work order history
  • View uploaded signatures and images
  • Inventory tracking
  • Real-time technician position tracking
  • Basic, enhanced, and customized reporting
  • Basic and enhanced analytics

Mobile Workforce Mobile Devices Field Service ProductivityMobile Workforce Solution Benefits

Using field service productivity software will benefit your business and help generate revenue faster.  Since the software allows workers in the field to print invoices and receipts from anywhere, they can get more work done in a shorter period of time. It is much quicker to print from a mobile printer than it is to handwrite an entire receipt.

Automating your mobile workforce means you’re also increasing accuracy.  Your mobile workforce will know how long it will take to drive to the next customer and how much they’ll be charged before the work is begun.  They will also be able to pull up all the information about their customer as well as log any new information directly in the field so nothing is missed.

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