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Edgefinity IOT RFID Software

RFID Tracking Software for Inventory, Personnel, Assets & More!

Edgefinity IoT RFID tracking software allows organizations to have top-down visibility into their critical operations. Utilizing active RFID and RTLS technology, Edgefinity provides real-time tracking for inventory, assets, personnel, and more. This web-based software gives management teams a bird’s eye view of operations with custom alerts and notifications. As a result, facilities can monitor important events like check-in/check-out, inventory logs, equipment utilization, and employee safety.

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Use Cases for Edgefinity IoT RFID Software

The applications for RFID and real-time location tracking software are endless for modern enterprises. Whenever triggers like inventory movement, misplaced equipment, and safety hazards occur, Edgefinity IoT tracks it all.

Real-Time Asset Location

With active RFID tags and RTLS sensors, organizations will always have real-time location data on critical enterprise assets and activities. For greater precision, Edgefinity software visualizes this through digitized floor maps, real-time pinpoint locations, and accessibility from any device. Additionally, the RFID software makes it seamless for personnel to search and locate items. Lastly, the Edgefinity platform allows users to create logical rules to determine where assets should be checked in/out and when they are ready for maintenance without any programming required.

Inventory Management & Tracking

Gather real-time data from tagged inventory to get a better view and understanding of inventory management processes. Analyze inventory trends and performance and interface the data with your ERP, WMS, and other enterprise applications. By using Edgefinity, facilities can perform cycle counts and audits 90% faster and establish a better organization for products and their locations. Above all, Edgefinity lets you implement an advanced and agile inventory system in just days.

Shipping & Receiving Validation

Unlike barcode or manual systems, RFID automates inventory workflows, vastly improving speed and accuracy. In fact, thousands of tags can be read per hour at 99% accuracy, validating items instantly. Through advanced inventory management with RFID, facilities can prevent stock-outs, receive threshold alerts, locate inventory faster, and make better data-driven decisions. Regardless of the speed, volume, and types of products moving through your facility, an RFID system with Edgefinity brings outbound and inbound inventory management to the next level.

Safety, Security & Compliance rfid tracking software

RFID and RTLS can also be leveraged to prevent potential safety hazards in industrial environments. By incorporating RTLS sensors for real-time response, companies can make sure employees, guests, and products are protected. Edgefinity RFID software is completely scalable and customizable with safety features that can include instant alerts, personnel locations, and notifications in the event of a safety incident.

Explore Edgefinity RFID Tracking Software

Whether you’re looking to improve inventory management, track and locate equipment, monitor workflows, or enforce compliance and safety standards, Edgefinity RFID tracking software and RMS Omega can help. At RMS Omega we work with organizations of all sizes to design, deploy, manage, and service RFID, barcode, data collection, wireless, mobility, and location technology solutions throughout the United States and Canada. Our team of specialists has extensive experience developing strategic applications for healthcare, manufacturing, the supply chain, and field service industries.

We follow a targeted approach to technology implementation to improve business outcomes. Our goal is to provide the maximum value to every one of our clients by incorporating the proper hardware, software, professional services, and support into every solution.

We are a proud partner of Cybra Edgefinity IoT Software. Contact us to set up a meeting to learn more!

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What Goes Into An RFID System

Our RFID solutions use the right mix of tags, readers, software, and services to tackle your specific challenges.

  • Tags & Supplies

    Tags, labels, and inlays are the fundamental building block of any RFID solution. Between passive or active, a range of frequencies, label specsand environmental conditions there is a lot to evaluate when finding the right label.

  • Handheld Readers

    Gun-style, rugged handheld readers and good for read-intensive tasks in the warehouse and other industrial environments where a large quantity of tag data needs to be collected in a timeefficient manner.

  • Antennas

    Antennas provide the vital link between the fixed reader and tag, serving as the conduit that moves data back and forth. 

  • RFID Portals in Warehouse
    Fixed Readers & Portals

    With fixed RFID readers and checkpoints, you can quickly and accurately track large volumes of RFID-tagged cases, pallets, and items. They are ideal for use in high-density tag environments, high throughput applications, and on RF-challenging materials.

  • Printers & Encoders

    RFID printers give you the ability to identify, track, manage, and optimize, assets and inventory. Encoding (or printing) on RFID tags is the first step to having a successful RFID system.

  • RFID Software

    RMS Omega has partnerships with a variety of software vendors, allowing us to find the right inventory control or check-in/ check-out software for your application. RFID software provides a central database for monitoring inventory levels, location, and movement.

Explore RFID Applications By Industry

RFID In The Warehouse

RFID optimizes warehouse operations with accurate inventory management and enterprise asset tracking.

Manufacturing Processes

RFID provides reliable tracking of materials, parts, and goods throughout the manufacturing process and along the entire value chain.

Automotive Supply Chain

Automotive manufacturers can use RFID to cut operating costs, improve output, or automate processes.

Energy & Utilities

Utility companies aim to provide dependable services at the lowest cost possible. RFID technology can help utility providers deliver high-quality service while tracking high-value assets, inventory, tools, and personnel.

RFID In The Hospital  

RFID technology in the hospital can improve the tracking of critical equipment and enforce organizational compliance.

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