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Meet Retail RFID Mandates with Our GS1 Bundle

Meet retail RFID mandates with RMS Omega's easy-to-implement, scalable, RFID bundle featuring GS1 verify software.

Meet Retail RFID Mandates
with RMS Omega

retail rfid mandates GS1 bundle

A growing number of big box stores have started to enforce GS1 retail RFID mandates. GS1 is a universal standard that ensures interoperability across different RFID systems so that data can be seamlessly communicated and transferred between different partners throughout the value chain. By mandating the use of RFID throughout the value chain, organizations can improve visibility, inventory accuracy, and stock replenishment schedules.

These RFID mandates are mutually beneficial, helping value chain partners:

  • Avoid chargebacks and shipping disruptions.
  • Confirm they are sending the correct items and quantities.
  • Verify they are receiving the correct items and quantities.

Learn How To Navigate Retail RFID Mandates Here

What’s Needed For Retail RFID Mandates?

RMS Omega has 20+ years of RFID integration and supply chain expertise, and we are committed to being the one and only stop for suppliers and 3PL providers looking to meet GS1 standards. To help you get started, we offer a complete RFID bundle that includes GS1-compliant labels, readers, and software – enabling suppliers to verify tags, record inbound and outbound inventory, and confirm shipments.

1. Labels & Tags

Selecting the right RFID label for your product is a critical step toward becoming GS1-compliant. Effective RFID performance requires some preliminary tag testing and validation to ensure the label will provide reliable reads based on your environment and products. Furthermore, many retailers have specific requirements about inlay size, adhesives, and other tag specs.

We help 3PLs and suppliers through this process by providing comprehensive tag testing and consultation services. Once the correct tag is selected, you will have a solid base for your RFID solution.

2. Printers Or Pre-Printed ServicesZebra desktop, industrial, and mobile rfid printer.

After the right RFID label is selected, the next step is to implement printers/encoders and label design software for printing in-house. Alternatively, you can leverage our label pre-print services where we will source, print and ship serialized RFID labels for your products.

3. Handheld RFID Readers & Antennas

Zebra MC33R handheld rfid reader.

In order to verify the GS1 RFID tags, you will need an RFID reader or scanner. These devices can be either handheld or fixed. Either way, they will pick up the embedded data on the tags and relay them to an RFID software application where the information can be stored, accessed, and exchanged – creating a documented record for retail partners.

4. GS1 Verify Software

Retail RFID mandates GS1 verify software.

GS1 Verify is a purpose-built software application for suppliers that need to validate RFID tags during shipping and receiving. The software runs directly on Android handheld readers and allows you to validate entire shipments of tags with a single scan.

This collected data can be viewed, stored, and exported in the GS1 Cloud to document compliance and inventory movements. This allows suppliers to:

  • Seamlessly meet RFID mandates from retail partners.
  • Reduce the likelihood of chargebacks.
  • Ensure tags are properly encoded with the right data.
  • Instantly verify the types of quantities of tags in each shipment.

Get A 30 Day GS1 Verify Software Trial

Start using GS1 verify today with a 30-day free trial and begin the process of becoming RFID compliant! By setting up your free GS1 trial you will get access to.

  • GS1 Verify app for Android with applications for validating tags and shipments.
  • A 30-day free trial with all the features of a paid subscription.
  • Dedicated point-of-contact for GS1 RFID compliance.
  • Access to GS1 cloud for viewing & exporting data.

Contact us to get set up with a login and free 30-day trial today!

Request a Quote for a GS1 RFID Tag Validation Bundle

Everything you need to get started validating your RFID Tags.

Each starter bundle kit includes:

  • Annual GS1 Verify RFID Application Subscription
  • GS1 Verify Cloud RFID Data Hosting
  • Customized Application for Tag Verification & Item Shipping
  • Application Support & Upgrades
  • Android RFID Handheld Reader and 3-year Hardware Maintenance Contract

Labels and Tags will be selected and tested separately for your specific needs and compliance requirements. Contact us for assistance with tag selection.

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Future Proof Your Supply Chain with RFID

Meet GS1 Compliance

Avoid shipping errors and chargebacks from retail partners by becoming compliant with GS1 RFID mandates.

Validate Inbound Tags

Instantly verify inbound inventory from manufacturers to make sure you receive the right items and quantities.

Confirm Shipments

Confirm that you are sending the right items and quantities to avoid chargebacks, stock disruptions, and failure to service-level agreements.

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