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RTLS for Seamless, Accurate Forklift Tracking & Monitoring

Optimize Forklift Operations with an RTLS Tracking Solution

Forklifts are essential equipment within the manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing industries. They are both practical tools and valuable assets, but their inherent mobility poses certain safety risks and costly business expenses. With Sewio RTLS, organizations can maximize safety, increase profitability, and decrease costs with improved utilization of forklifts.

Benefits of Real-time Forklift Tracking

By tracking your forklifts, logistics managers are gaining full real-time visibility of their fleet – not only by knowing the exact location of each forklift in real-time but also by tracking their historical locations with pinpoint accuracy. This level of precise data will improve your operations and reduces overall costs by preventing accidents, wasted man-hours, and even adding unnecessary vehicles to your fleet. An RTLS allows businesses to maximize productivity with benefits such as:

  • Real-time Data and Historical Insights into Forklift Operation
  • Forklift Route Optimization, Warehouse Utilization, and Workflow Tracking
  • Forklift Navigation and Prevention of Incorrect Unloads
  • Increased Safety with Anti-collision System and Smart Forklift Alerts
  • Prevention of Injuries Caused by Collapsing Pallet Racks and Shelving
  • Quick and Effective Forklift Operator Training Using Virtual Reality

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How Does RTLS Tracking Work?

RTLS forklift tracking lets you know exactly where your equipment is, where they have been, and how workers utilized them, which provides invaluable insights to reduce lost inventory and make better use of your warehouse and equipment.

Real-time forklift tracking works through a network of receivers picking up signals sent via UWB tags attached to the forklift, AVG, or any other manipulation vehicle. These signals are converted into location data in real time and within a 30 cm level of accuracy. These data points about the vehicle and its operator are sent on to the RTLS application software installed on the server, where they are interpreted and displayed in an easy-to-understand manner.

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What Goes Into An RTLS System

We provide the right mix of tags, readers, software, & services to ensure real-time tracking success.

  • UWB Tags
    UWB Tags

    Ultrawideband (UWB) tags provide high-accuracy tracking and identification for valuable enterprise assets. Industrial housing, 30cm location precision, and 3-5 year tag life make UWB tags ideal for mission-critical enterprise location systems.

  • Anchors & Readers

    Anchors act as a conduit picking up emissions from UWB tags, synching with each other, and passing the location data to the software. They also provide a high degree of accuracy and coverage with omnidirectional reading and are designed to withstand harsh industrial conditions.

  • Software

    The final piece of an RTLS is the software. A feature-rich RTLS software enables easy deployment, maintenance, and full control over tracking. More importantly, it serves as a central management system for your entire RTLS.

Explore RFID Applications By Industry

RFID In The Warehouse

RFID optimizes warehouse operations with accurate inventory management and enterprise asset tracking.

Manufacturing Processes

RFID provides reliable tracking of materials, parts, and goods throughout the manufacturing process and along the entire value chain.

Automotive Supply Chain

Automotive manufacturers can use RFID to cut operating costs, improve output, or automate processes.

Energy & Utilities

Utility companies aim to provide dependable services at the lowest cost possible. RFID technology can help utility providers deliver high-quality service while tracking high-value assets, inventory, tools, and personnel.

RFID In The Hospital  

RFID technology in the hospital can improve the tracking of critical equipment and enforce organizational compliance.

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