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Rugged Honeywell Antennas Designed for Industrial Environments

The life of a forklift is filled with shocks and vibrations that can far exceed what antennas designed for fixed RFID reader applications can withstand. But jarring conditions aren’t a problem for Honeywell antennas. They’re meant for RFID lift truck applications in rough environments. Includes mounting hardware for fast, inexpensive installation. Features of Honeywell antennas include:honeywell antennas rfid

  • Extremely rugged – unique, mostly metal design, specifically developed for forklift installations.
  • Fast and inexpensive to install – complete with mounting hardware, so drilling, curting, or welding required.
  • FCC and ETSI frequencies available – RFID frequency ranges: IA33D – 865-870 MHz; IA33E – 902-928 MHz.

Honeywell designed their line of antennas to work in industrial environments, including on forklifts themselves. You can mount these antennas directly onto a forklift. And, since they’re so rugged the forklift vibrations are no challenge for them. So, they work great in environments such as manufacturing, warehousing, and more. Learn more about our industry solutions.

Honeywell Antennas and Fixed RFID Systems

Remember, for any fixed RFID system, you need to use antennas. Antennas are what allow the communication to occur, enabling organizations to capture, move, and manage critical information to and from every point of business activity. Hence, they are the vital link between the reader and tags, making them 100% necessary. Honeywell antennas are also highly compatible with Honeywell fixed readers.

For more information on Honeywell’s RFID antennas, download the datasheet below.

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  • ia33d honeywell antennas

    IA33D / IA33E RFID Antenna

    Download the Datasheet

    With its unique, mostly metal design, the Intermec Antenna Cell is an RFID antenna specifically developed for forklift installations where shock and vibration can far exceed the specifications of antennas designed for fixed RFID reader applications. Complete with mounting hardware, Antenna Cells can be mounted with no drilling, cutting or welding which enables fast and inexpensive installations for a single forklift or fleet deployments. Antenna Cells are available in both FCC and ETSI frequencies.