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CompanMaximize Performance with Zebra Antennas

With Zebra’s complete line of RFID antennas, you can maximize the performance of RFID readers in every environment – from picture-frame discrete aesthetics for the most discerning retailer to rugged designs built to handle sub-zero temperatures. Whether you need rugged antennas, slim, low-profile antennas, or discreet antennas with customer-facing aesthetics, RFIDPros can find the right Zebra antennas to fit your specific business needs.

Remember, if you have a fixed RFID system, antennas are an essential part of that solution. Since the antennas

When & Where to Use Zebra Antennas

Companies use Zebra’s RFID antennas in many industries and environments including warehousing, manufacturing, field mobility, transportation, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and more. Companies use Zebra antennas in applications including but not limited to:zebra antennas rfid

  • Ceilings and walls to create superior read zones around shelves
  • Doorways and checkpoints
  • Portals, outdoor gates, and conveyors
  • RF-challenging environments
  • Below counter or above counter RFID pad
  • POS or endcap displays
  • Indoor manufacturing environments
  • Outdoor shopping areas
  • Receiving dock doors

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Features & Benefits of Zebra Antennas

There are many benefits to using Zebra RFID antennas and having a fixed RFID system. Benefits include:

  • Easy to mount – many Zebra antennas use the standard mounting bracket. So, mounting antennas for the first time or upgrading an existing Zebra antenna is fast and easy.
  • Longer read ranges – Zebra designed their line of antennas to deliver faster, more accurate communication. As a result, you will see less downtime, accurate inventory counts, and high productivity levels.
  • Lifecycle support – you will always have the assistance you need from RFIDPros and Zebra when designing and maintaining your RFID system. Therefore, you will always have peak performance.
  • For diverse needs – the wide frequency range enables Zebra antennas to be utilized in worldwide deployments. As a result, you’ll see a cost-efficient, simplified RFID infrastructure.
  • Low axial ratio – the axial ration is nearly 50% lower on certain Zebra antennas. So, you get a more uniform gain and better performance.
  • Space saver – slim, low profile antennas have an outer housing that is designed to be sleek and discreet. That means you can use them in any business setting. However, these antennas also rugged enough for use in indoor, industrial environments.
  • Suited for all areas – you can mount Zebra antennas on a wall mount, doorway, under counter, above counter as an RFID pad, on shelves, POS, or end-cap displays. Since you can mount Zebra antennas virtually anywhere, they are certainly capable of fitting into any business.

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Rugged Antennas

  • an440 zebra antenna


    Download the Datasheet

    Get the capacity and range you demand for reliable RFID tag reading with the AN440 high-performance RFID area antenna. A good-looking, rugged general-purpose area antenna, the AN440 is designed to perform exceptionally in all environments, indoors and out. The AN440 RFID Antenna gives you a wide read field and high-speed RF signal conversion, so data capture is fast and accurate, even in expansive, high-demand environments.

  • an480 zebra rfid antenna


    Download the Datasheet

    Zebra’s AN480 offers the flexibility and performance required to meet the needs of enterprises worldwide. Compatible in virtually any global market, this single port antenna can be installed throughout the enterprise in manufacturing and warehouse floor environments or any dock door receiving application.

    The AN480 antenna offers a low axial ratio to deliver a more uniform gain for superior performance.

Slim, Low-Profile Antennas

  • an610 zebra rfid antenna


    Download the Datasheet

    The AN610 is space-saving and stylish. The outer housing is designed to be sleek and discreet enough to be at home in any business setting but rugged enough for indoor industrial environments.

  • an620 zebra antenna


    Download the Datasheet

    The AN610 and AN620 feature a simple, integrated mounting system that lets them stand just under one-half inch (12mm) from horizontal or vertical mounting surfaces. The outer housing is designed to be sleek and discreet enough to be at home in any business setting but rugged enough for indoor industrial environments.