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Improve Operational Visibility

RFID Pros and Zebra can help you choose stylish readers for customer-facing areas or rugged readers that are designed to thrive in tough environments. Zebra fixed readers help companies achieve maximum asset visibility in a variety of environments. They are great for use in warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, and retail. And, they can be used in many applications such as:rfid antennas and zebra fixed readers

  • High-volume pallets and containers
  • Challenging materials with high metal or liquid content
  • Large distribution yards
  • Large open areas
  • Business-class environments

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Zebra Fixed Readers

Zebra’s line of fixed readers deliver high performance. They are hardworking and efficient to help make your processes easier and your staff more productive. Zebra fixed RFID readers have many benefits including:

  • Top of the line performance – exceptionally high RF sensitivity delivers the greatest accuracy and longer read ranges. This is true even in dense RF environments with challenging materials.
  • Unrivaled deployment simplicity – you can host embedded applications directly on the reader, reducing deployment time, cost, and complexity.
  • The industry’s best total cost of ownership – with many ports, you can cover more dock doors and portals with fewer readers. As a result, your investment, deployment, and management costs significantly decrease.
  • Easy to deploy and simple to manage – installation is as simple. Just hang the supplied bracket and snap the reader into place. Zerba fixed readers also work with Power over Ethernet so you can install them without needing to install extra outlets.
  • Better performance and value – Zebra designed their fixed readers from the ground up. As a result, they have faster, more accurate read rate and more consistent performance, even in challenging environments.

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Zebra Fixed Readers

  • FX9600 Fixed RFID Reader

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    Zebra FX9600 Fixed UHF RFID Reader delivers the performance and features you need to handle it all. With support for Power over Ethernet, IP53 sealing and up to eight RF ports, the FX9600 brings a new level of cost efficiency to passive UHF asset tracking and inventory management, without compromising on performance. Industry-leading read rates, long read ranges and exceptional RF sensitivity ensure you can automate inventory management — from receiving and putaway to picking and shipping — without errors and without bottlenecks.

    The result? Increased efficiency and accuracy every time your inventory is touched, reduced labor costs and the delivery of the right product to the right customer, on time, every time. When you need industry-best RFID performance, the FX9600 delivers.

  • fx9500 zebra fixed reader

    FX9500 Fixed RFID Reader

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    Your business relies on tracking your valuable assets and moving your sellable products. The faster you can receive, inventory, pick and ship – without errors and without bottlenecks – the more efficient and profitable your operation can be.

    The FX9500 Fixed RFID Reader delivers extremely high read performance, so you can quickly and accurately move and track large volumes of your RFID-tagged cases, pallets and items. It’s also ideal for high density tag environments, high-throughput applications and on RF-challenging materials.

  • FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader

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    The FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader introduces advanced RFID radio technology for faster, more accurate read rates and more consistent performance even in challenging environments. The new radio is paired with a more flexible Linux-based network architecture that integrates the tools and open-standard interfaces needed for fast, easy deployment with RFID and back-end applications.

    The result is a fixed RFID reader that sets a new performance standard — delivering peak performance at all times with excellent reader sensitivity and better interference rejection, at a lower cost per read point.

  • atr7000 by zebra

    ATR7000 RTLS Reader

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    The ATR7000 is a new class of RFID reader offering advanced Zebra-only technology that provides visibility into the pinpoint location of all tagged assets. With the ATR7000, users can see where their inventory, forklifts, equipment, workers and more are located—and if they are on the move, in which direction they are moving. Now, businesses can identify, locate and track items in real time, and receive real-time alerts to improve compliance and loss prevention. The result is streamlined operations, reduced costs and better customer service.

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