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Zebra Location Hardware for Real-Time Data

Since its introduction of intelligent location solutions in 2017, Zebra has become a pioneer in designing solutions that help companies collect advanced data on their assets and processes. Zebra’s portfolio of location hardware provides best-in-class options for capturing precise, real-time data. Together, with intelligent software and data platforms, Zebra’s location hardware helps organizations unlock meaningful insights that help them on their way to optimization.

See Why So Many Trust Zebra Location Solutions

Selecting the right hardware will serve as the foundation for an effective location system. Organizations invest a lot in protecting their assets and refining processes, therefore it’s important to have technology you can trust. When it comes to gathering advanced data, no brand is more trusted than Zebra. Many industries, including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics have implemented Zebra location hardware to gather data. Most notably, their location tags and readers are used in the NFL to produce next-gen statistics by tracking precise player movements. Zebra location hardware can also be used to pinpoint assets in a single facility or provide a bird’s eye view of material flows throughout an entire organization. Due to the performance of Zebra location hardware, businesses can access robust data they never had access to before. This data can then be used to develop prescriptive analytics and forecasts surrounding the movements of assets and materials.

Zebra’s Line of Location HardwareMB6000

Zebra’s most encompassing location technology is the ATR RTLS reader. The ATR allows businesses to have total visibility of assets and materials over long ranges. In addition to the ATR, Zebra’s portfolio also contains different readers and tags fall including Ultra-Wideband (UWB), WhereNet, and Zebra Bluetooth. These devices all differ in regard to range, accuracy, precision, and cost.

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Complete Visibility with ATR

Zebra’s ATR 7000 readers allow organizations to have real-time visibility and the ability to track and pinpoint their assets. When it comes to applications involving valuable moving assets that need frequent updates, the ATR 7000 is the technology for the job.

Achieve High Precision and Accuracy with UWB

Ultrawideband technology is for indoor or outdoor applications that require frequent updates for real-time data. As a result, UWB RTLS solutions help create asset visibility throughout the entire organization. Common applications for UWB technology include personnel and equipment tracking. UWB technology is also beneficial for organizations looking for a solution with easy installation.

Long Range Reading with Zebra WhereNet

Zebra’s WhereNet line excels at capturing reads over long distances. Single readers can gather location data within a range of over a mile. Furthermore, WhereNet excels in tricky environments, such as those with high metal content that can disrupt signals. Its ability to capture precise data in complex environments makes WhereNet a perfect solution for yard management applications.

Versatile Locationing with Zebra Bluetooth

Bluetooth location technology can be very broad due to the different costs and forms this technology comes in. From using it for sending push notifications to consumer devices to using it for asset tracking, Zebra Bluetooth beacons and bridges have a wide array of applications. Bluetooth can serve as a cost-effective and easily deployable location solution and, similar to Zebra WhereNet, they can be used effectively in dense industrial environments.

RTLS Readers

  • ATR 7000

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    The Zebra ATR7000 allows organizations to have an eye in the sky over inventory, equipment, machinery, and people all in real-time. Collecting this data allows managers to find ways to streamline operations, improve worker productivity and ultimately reduce costs.

Ultra Wideband Technology

  • Zebra UWB Wand

    UWB Wand

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    The UWB Wand Module is a small table-top device used to configure and inventory your UWB Tags, allowing end-users to easily set-up and manage thousands of tags. It connects via USB to a Windows computer, which runs Zebra’s UWB Wand Application Software, and configures UWB Tags using a Low Frequency channel.

    • Configure up to 100 UWB Tags at once
    • Configurable UWB range from 30 cm to 150 m
    • Smart-phone sized, table top device
  • Zebra UWB Hub

    UWB Hub

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    Unlike other RTLS systems that limit sensors to specific coverage cells, the Zebra UWB Hub allows all UWB Sensors to be used over your entire facility, yielding maximum coverage with minimal sensor count.

    • Long Range Active RFID – Up to 200 meters (650 feet)
    • High Tag Throughput – Thousands of tags per second capacity
    • Easy Installation – Standard connectivity: 10/100 Ethernet, PoE; multiple Sensor daisy-chain capabilities
  • UWB Sensor

    UWB Sensor

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    This product detects UWB pulses emitted by Zebra’s UWB Tags and provides superb asset visibility, within Zebra’s RTLS solution, through a wide range of cutting-edge features. UWB Sensors are offered with three antenna types to choose from – High-gain, Mid-gain and Omni.

    • Long RTLS Range – Up to 200 meters (650 feet) line of sight
    • Excellent real-time location accuracy – Better than 30cm (1 foot) line of sight
    • Unmatched RTLS tag throughput – Up to 3500 1Hz tags/ hub
    • Fast intuitive setup – Typical single location set-up in one day
  • UWB Vision Reader

    UWB Vision Reader

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    The UWB Vision Reader offers a detection level that exceeds the capabilities of other RFID technologies through the use of patented short-pulse, ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. The UWB Vision Reader can be deployed alongside the UWB RTLS solution, or alone through an Ethernet connection.

    • Long Range Active RFID – Up to 200 meters (650 feet)
    • High Tag Throughput – Thousands of tags per second capacity
    • Robust UWB RFID – Excellent detection in high multi-path, difficult environments
  • UWB Tag

    UWB Tag

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    Zebra’s UWB Tags are affixed to assets or personnel to monitor and track their location at all times – in real-time – with incredible accuracy. They have a unique ID and emit UWB pulses that are received by Zebra’s UWB Sensors. Tags are offered in two form factors: a small circular tag used on assets and a low-profile badge tag used on personnel or assets, both suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    • Exceptional performance – Performs in high multi-path environments
    • Long RF Range Excellent real-time location accuracy – Up to 200 meters (650 feet) range and better than 30cm (1 foot) line of sight
    • Long tag battery life – Up to 7 years at 1 Hz blink rate


  • Zebra Where Tag


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    Battery-powered active RFID tags that enable the real-time precision tracking needed to access accurate, up-to-the-second information on the location and status of assets. WhereTags are fully sealed for an RTLS application that can withstand tough indoor and outdoor environments. Tags are offered in two form factors, a first multimode RTLS asset tracking tag and a tag designed to transmit serial messages.

    • Enterprise-Wide Asset Tracking
    • Configurable Power Output
    • Long Range and Battery Life
  • WhereLan


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    WhereLAN sensors provide precise asset visibility in both indoor and outdoor spaces giving you unsurpassed accuracy. This sensor processes low-power signals emitted by Zebra’s RTLS tags for the ultimate in asset tracking visibility.

    • Wireless time synchronization suitable for heavy industrial environments
    • Low-power consumption for solar-powered options
    • Capable of one-meter location accuracy
  • WhereCall


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    This real-time locating system (RTLS) wireless electronic Kanban (e-kanban) system ensures improved accuracy and efficiency in your material handling process delivering all the key benefits of LEAN manufacturing to your fast growing operations.

    • Provides wireless messaging
    • Saves cost of reconfiguring wired systems
    • Long battery life lowers cost of ownership
  • Wherewand


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    Zebra’s WhereWand configuring RTLS tags and senors with ease. Working in conjunction with a hand-held computer, the simple user interface device guides you through the process of reading or setting device parameters, while the built-in barcode scanner permits fast entry of RTLS tag IDs.

    • Enables users to configure all WhereNet tags, exciters, sensors and access points
    • Simple user interface
    • Built-in barcode scanner to allow for fast entry of tag IDs
  • Whereport


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    WherePort proximity communication exciter products help you track your assets. This product triggers asset tags, knows where your assets are and knows where they are going. Zebra offers three different types of WherePorts to serve multiple situations: indoor, outdoor and harsh environments.

    • Thin Profile Design
    • High Precision Range Control
    • Real-time control of functions

Zebra Bluetooth Devices

  • MB1000

    MB1000 Asset Beacon

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    These small, coin cell beacons are ideal for asset tracking in all forms and have been optimized for long battery life within industrial environments. They have ultra-low RF transmit powers for increased locate accuracy and improved performance in high-density deployments. The MB1000 is constructed of materials that withstand common industrial cleaning agents.

  • MB2000

    MB2000 Indoor Beacon

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    Built to easily attach to retail or warehouse shelving, this beacon runs off two, replaceable AA batteries ensuring an extended operating life.

  • MB2000

    SB 2000 Enhanced Indoor Beacon

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    This unique, hybrid device is part BLE receiver and 100% BLE beacon. Its functionality enables new system architecture and deployment models for BLE-based, presence location solutions including crowdsourcing. Operated from replaceable AA batteries.

  • MB2001

    MB2001 Indoor Beacon

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    These ultra-low RF transmission power beacons have 100 times lower RF transmission power than typical Bluetooth® low energy beacons. With replaceable AA batteries these beacons are optimized as location beacons in asset tracking solutions anywhere locate accuracy in dense deployments is important.

  • MB3000

    MB3000 Indoor Beacon

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    The USB beacon is ideal wherever you have the option to provide power via a USB port or a standard AC plug (requires a USB adapter), such as a retail kiosk, computer, or USB wall socket — there is no battery to monitor or replace.

  • MB4000

    MB4000 Outdoor Beacon

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    This industrial beacon is sealed against the environment, operates over an extreme temperature range and is ruggedized for use in harsh industrial environments. Powerful batteries ensure a long life controlled via a simple touchpad on/off switch.

  • MB6000

    MB5000 Fixed-Location IoT Bridge

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    Zebra IoT bridges work in tandem with Bluetooth® Beacons to deliver critical, real-time data for companies to analyze and convert to actionable business insights. Employing best-of-breed security protocols, Zebra’s IoT bridges use enterprise-grade, dual-band Wi-Fi, which leverages pre-existing infrastructure, simplifies deployment and minimizes costs.

  • MB6000

    MB6000 Mobile IoT Bridge

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    Zebra Mobile IoT Bridges are easy to configure, deploy and operate automatically. Users need only wear them. Mobile bridges offer the added value of wearable mobility to extend your asset visibility.