Sometimes enterprises require a greater level of precision and real-time accuracy. Whether it’s high-value assets, equipment, or personnel, real time location tracking systems, or RTLS, provide accurate and actionable data on the critical pieces of your enterprise. An RTLS utilizes active tracking technology such as ultra-wideband (UWB) to track tagged items and provide data that businesses can leverage to be more productive, cost-effective, and safe.

Ultimately, a successful RTLS solution provides the following benefits for enterprises:

  • Reliable Tracking – industry-certified, active tracking hardware.
  • Seamless Integration –  fits your needs and technology.
  • Flexibility – flexibility for multiple existing and future business cases.
  • High Positive ROI- a relatively maintenance and hassle-free solution, RTLS cuts business costs instead of adding to them.
  • Full Process Visibility enables businesses to optimize workflows, increase production, and reduce costs.
  • Quick Deployment – low maintenance costs, and fast installation.
  • Ensured Success – 30cm accuracy and 5+ year tag life, plus expert-backed support.

Applications for Real Time Location Tracking Systems

The use cases for RTLS can be quite extensive. In fact, it can be beneficial for pretty much any indoor tracking application that requires a high degree of visibility. Most RTLS applications are for tracking critical enterprise activities like business processes, asset locations, equipment utilization, personnel safety, and the placement of items. A common application for RTLS  is forklift tracking and monitoring. An RTLS allows businesses to maximize productivity with benefits such as:

Workflow Tracking

Monitor manufacturing and warehouse workflows with RTLS to ensure compliance and quality assurance.

Inventory Location

Keep track of inventory as it passes through zones and leaves your facility.

Equipment Utilization & Workflow Optimization

Monitor utilization of equipment and how to optimize workflows for peak efficiency.

Personnel Safety

Track personnel in the event of safety incidents and keep employees safe in hazardous work areas.


What Goes Into A Real-Time Location Tracking System?

In order to collect and exchange location data, real time location tracking systems utilize active UWB technology. Although each deployment can look different, the basic system architecture includes tags, anchors, and RTLS software. First, tags will emit a signal out to anchors to communicate an item’s location. Meanwhile, multiple anchors will synchronize together to validate the time and location of the tag’s signal. Finally, the RTLS server accesses the location data and in turn analyses and interprets it. Sewio real time location system components

real time location system diagram


These active, battery-powered sensors can be used to track inventory, assets, vehicles, parts, and materials, as well as personnel in the event of a safety issue. For this reason, multiple tag types are available for each application. However, each provides high accuracy within 30cm, industrial-grade performance, and long battery life.


In order to relay data from the tags to the RTLS software, anchors are needed. Anchors act as a conduit picking up emissions from UWB tags, synching with each other, and passing the location data to the software. They also provide a high degree of accuracy and coverage with omnidirectional reading. Anchors are built to withstand harsh industrial conditions
and support an unlimited number of tags within a tracking system. Sewio real time location system software studio

RTLS Software

The final piece of an RTLS is the software. A feature-rich RTLS software enables easy deployment, maintenance, and full control over tracking. More importantly, it serves as a central management system for your entire RTLS.

RTLS Studio software provides access to the following features:

  1. A top-down view of system health, UWB tag and anchor status, and seamless administration of system-wide firmware upgrades.
  2. Visual mapping of all processes happening in your facility.
  3. Health monitoring of your network, apps, users, and complete system.
  4. Seamless third-party integration with existing IT.
  5. Robust analytics that turns location data into optimized workflows and cost-efficient operations with valuable insights and data mapping.

Maximize Efficiency & Safety with an RTLS

Design, Deploy & Support Your RTLS with RMS Omega

RMS Omega is proud to partner with Sewio Networks, a manufacturer of a real-time location system (RTLS) for indoor location tracking. At RMS Omega we leverage premier-level partnerships with leading hardware and software manufacturers like Sewio, to engineer complete solutions for our clients. Throughout our consultative approach, we design, deploy, and support solutions that address your specific business challenges and pain points. Our expertise and specializations in data collection technology like RTLS, RFID, barcode, WLAN, and voice technology make us a total solutions provider for helping companies improve productivity, eliminate costs, and meet new compliance demands. Get started by contacting one of our solutions experts today!