Our locating and tracking solutions give you the edge in a highly competitive marketplace. We do this by equipping your organization with Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology solutions that put you in full control over your physical assets by providing information you need. Our locating and tracking software applications close the data gap between departments and provide instant access to the business-critical information you need in order to perform these critical tasks:

  • Evaluate flow
  • Locate specific assets
  • Assess and improve efficiency
  • Monitor and maximize productivity
  • Leverage previously underutilized past trends
  • Forecast future needs
  • Quickly respond to opportunities, challenges and change

In other words, we give you the information you need to perform the accurate business analyses that lead to a healthy bottom line.

Our Partners

Capturity has developed a strong network of partners and suppliers, including some of the top leading technology companies: Zebra, Motorola, Intermec by Honeywell, Bartender-Seagull Scientific, Starport Technologies, Vizinex, Airista, RF Code, Tessco, Barcoding Inc., Avery Dennison, Jamison RFID, Global RFID Systems, Omni-ID and Mobile Frame. To learn more about becoming a partner, please contact Neil Amrhein.


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