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From managing your devices, tracking assets, providing inventory visibility, and insights through real-time data, RFID Pros has experience with a variety of different applications across industries. RFID and RTLS technologies are effective at creating streamlined workflows and automating processes. Our RFID experts are experienced in leveraging these technologies to solve your unique business needs

The RFID Pros team at RMS Omega has over 20 years of experience in providing end-to-end solutions for better data and asset management. Our process includes identifying and evaluating the right hardware, software, services, and support to help companies succeed.

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  • Mobile Device Management

    Businesses can no longer afford to buy new devices just because the existing ones are lost or misplaced. As a solution, radio-frequency identification (RFID) offers a viable way to manage mobile devices for virtually any business.

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  • Location Solutions

    Increase productivity and efficiency, improve the safety of your people, and pinpoint the exact location of your assets and inventory with RFID and advanced location technology.

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  • Inventory Visibility

    RFID allows companies to obtain a fully visible value chain, automate processes, and give more contextualized data on assets. A proper RFID system not only allows a company to achieve better data but it gives managers better insights on how to improve costs as well as how operations are meeting external and internal compliance measures.

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  • Asset Tracking

    The major advantage of using RFID is its ability to scan items from a distance, read multiple tags at a time, and of course its speed. RFID is the ideal solution, not just for asset tracking but also for asset management and visibility.

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