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Decrease Inventory Risk

Any company that ships high-value items to customers puts its bottom line at risk every day. Therefore, it’s vital that assets are correctly identified and assigned to the proper shipment.

RFID Pro’stechnology solutions give each asset a unique identifier that then guarantees two things:

  1. The item picked is the same your customer ordered
  2. Your customer receives the exact item expected

RFID technology has been proven to be more efficient, accurate and cost-effective for logistics companies for these reasons:

  • RFID tags are extremely rugged, typically outlasting the life of the asset
  • Data collection from the tagged assets is almost entirely automatic, requiring very little labor
  • The location of RFID-tagged assets is always up to date, giving the asset owner full control at every stage in the logistics process

Learn more about how RFID Pro’s technology solutions can reduce your risk by giving you more control over your assets.