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RFID Solutions Designed For The Warehouse

The movement and tracking of goods through the warehouse is still a complex procedure which is difficult for many companies to manage.

honeywell rfid reader inventory management warehouseCurrently, many tracking systems use two-dimensional barcodes that must be close to and within the “line of sight” of the barcode scanner. This requires manual scanning or conveyor-like processes to position the barcode and scanner. Due to either mishandling or a harsh environment, barcode labels can be damaged. This can result in reading data incorrectly, only getting part of the data, or not being able to read the barcode at all. Unfortunately, manual intervention is labor-intensive and costly, as well as error-prone. In addition, scheduled scanning or manual methods cannot ensure the inventory remains up-to-date due to oversights, errors, and internal shrinkage.

Although barcoding is certainly an improvement from a manual inventory or asset tracking process, there are still some things a barcoding system cannot do.

With an RFID solution, users will be able to check inventory which is updated in real-time without product movement, scanning, or even human involvement. RFID Pros’ fully automated system allows inventory status to be determined and also allows shipping & receiving documents to be generated automatically. The system can also trigger automatic orders for products that are low in inventory.

Why RFID is Beneficial in the Warehouse

Companies find that there are many benefits to using RFID solutions in their warehouse. Some of these benefits include:rfid check-in/check-out software

  • Total asset visibility
  • Full inventory history
  • Reduced inventory-stocking levels
  • Facilitating just-in-time deliveries
  • Full process control for products in the facility
  • Reduced lead-time and cross-docking time
  • Improved sort/pick rate
  • Reduced storage and shelf space
  • Improved security
  • Reduced errors
  • Reduced cost of operations

With so many benefits, using RFID seems like a no-brainer! Due to all of these benefits, more and more companies are starting to use RFID.

Learn More About Using RFID in The Warehouse

Active vs. Passive RFID Tags

rfid printerAs in many other RFID solutions, there are primarily two different approaches to inventory management; one using passive RFID tags, or transponders, and the other using active tags.

Passive tags have no power source. When a reader sends a signal, the passive tag is “powered” or activated and when the tag is activated, the data is transmitted. Active tags, on the other hand, are battery powered and are able to transmit data directly to an RFID reader or interrogator. With both passive and active tags, RFID can be used in multiple applications throughout one warehouse.

The full solution for inventory tracking applications will contain three main RFID components. These components include RFID tags or transponders, RFID readers, and software. Together these components collect, manage, and analyze business data.

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Recommended Software

Recommended Handheld Readers

  • Zebra mc3330r


    Download the Datasheet

    The MC3330R RFID handheld reader brings a new level of comfort, speed, ease of use and accuracy to your RFID applications. Superior RFID read performance and receiver sensitivity enable lightning-fast and accurate capture of even the most challenging RFID tags. With Zebra’s signature rugged design, the MC3330R is built for maximum uptime, yet is lightweight with the right ergonomics for all-day comfort. And the large touchscreen, physical keypad, and Android OS deliver an intuitive and flexible platform for your RFID application needs today and tomorrow

Recommended Fixed Readers

  • FX9600

    Download the Datasheet

    To achieve maximum visibility and efficiency in your most rugged environments, your operation needs an RFID reader that can keep up with the high volume and wide variety of pallets, cases and tagged items that go in, out and through your warehouse and dock doors each day.

Recommended Printers

  • ZT600

    Download the Datasheet

    ZT600 Series printers combine industrial durability and user-friendly features with future-proof adaptability — including a factory- or field-installable RFID encoder — to meet your evolving needs for years to come. Gain greater visibility of your printing systems with Link-OS applications and managed operational and asset visibility services (OVS/AVS), plus the ability to deepen your insight into your entire business with advanced RFID printing and encoding.