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Be Both Compliant & Accountable with MotionWorks Proximity Tracking

Many industries have been required to adopt practices that show accountable measures are being made to create a safer working environment. To protect the health and safety of employees, many businesses have turned to social distance protocols. Contact tracing solutions, like MotionWorks Proximity, allow employers to meet industry compliance while protecting their workforce. Contact tracing provides enhanced visibility over employees, allowing companies to both confidently and proactively respond in the event of a documented illness. motionworks proximity

How Does Contact Tracing Work?

Zebra’s MotionWorks Proximity tracking solution utilizes Bluetooth technology and cloud-based software along with Android-based Zebra devices to provide automated personnel tracking. The solution is also remotely managed by Zebra, eliminating any added IT or on-site professional services on your end. Additionally, the solution keeps your employee’s information private by linking data to an employee ID or anonymous user ID.

Through Bluetooth tracking of your existing Zebra devices, the solution provides automated contact tracing, reports, alerts, and management dashboards.

Proximity Alerts

On-device alerts to avoid close proximity between employees. Alerts trigger every minute employees are out of compliance with social distance boundaries.

Proximity Events

Authorized access for managers to see tracing insights, reoccurring events, and patterns. Additionally, managers will receive a “proximity event” if employees are in close proximity for over 5 minutes. The report includes the duration of the encounter and the associated identity of the employees. These reports can be used to reinforce social distance training and can also be used to identify incidents where employees could have been exposed to potential illness.

Identifying Exposure with Automated Contact Tracing

MotionWorks Proximity allows management to easily monitor potential exposure with a web-based contact tracing report. Manage your workforce confidently by identifying the right individuals within an efficient time window. As a result of MotionWorks Proximity, companies can keep workers safe and avoid facility-wide closures from a lack of management over social distance protocols. Automated contact tracing also provides information on other employees a person has come in contact with, the number of total interactions, and time stamps for each encounter.

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Create a Safer Work Environment with Assets You Already Own

MotionWorks Proximity is an easy and practical solution that works within your existing infrastructure. Zebra MotionWorks makes workplace safety simple by using Bluetooth capabilities on your existing Zebra devices. The solution can also come in different form factors and price points depending on your requirements.

Speaking of Zebra devices, view their disinfection guide so you can properly clean enterprise devices and keep your employees safe.

Other Resources for Keeping Your Workforce Safe

RMS Omega is a premier level reseller for Zebra’s MotionWorks portfolio. Our team has successfully implemented barcode, RFID, and location tracking technologies in a variety of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics. Under recent circumstances, RMS Omega has also dedicated itself to helping companies get back to work safely. In addition to implementing proximity tracking, RMS Omega also offers contactless temperature screening and facial recognition solutions for the workplace.

Learn more about SmartPass temperature screening.

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    MotionWorks Proximity

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    MotionWorks Proximity combines contact tracing with user-level alerts to contain exposure and empower workers to maintain distance. It works in the cloud leveraging devices enabled with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, requires no new infrastructure and is deployed remotely to help you get back to production safer and sooner.