RMS Omega


Industry Solutions for Barcode Tracking & Data Collection

RMS Omega Technologies takes your business challenges seriously. We gather the necessary industry research to provide unbiased manufacturer recommendations in the most cost-effective manner. Whether your goal is to improve patient safety, your supply chain or mobile workforce efficiencies, RMS Omega can assist you.

Select your industry and learn more about barcode and data collection solutions designed for your work environment. Or, contact us for more information on solutions for your specific industry.

  • Warehouse / Distribution

    Manufacturers, distributor and third party logistics companies all rely on the timely and accurate information regarding inventory levels, increased employee productivity, improved order accuracy, reduced order processing time and order to ship time. Warehouse barcoding solutions streamline the supply chain operations improving overall productivity and profits.

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  • Mobile Workforce

    Equip your mobile workforce with the technology to increase their productivity on the road. Full service field mobility solutions save time, reduce errors and increase profitability.

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  • Manufacturing Solutions

    To operate a successful manufacturing business, you must be committed to lean operations, recognizing that wasted time and materials means lost profit. An effective tool for managing operations is an Automatic Data Capture (ADC) solution that allows you to track your assets, your work in process and your employees using bar code and/or RFID technology.

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  • Healthcare

    RMS Omega works with healthcare organizations to design, deploy, manage and service point of care technology systems.

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