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Newcastle Mobile Workstations

Newcastle Mobile Workstations are improving efficiency and lead time in warehousing. by reduce errors and wasted movements.

Newcastle Mobile Workstations: Improved Speed and Efficiency

Hectic and fast-paced warehouse environments require great employee focus and zero wasted motions. Unfortunately, due to inefficient workflows, tasks may not be completely as timely or efficiently as they could be.

The Newcastle mobile workstation improves employee speed and productivity by making workers completely mobile and independent from wasteful back-and-forth movements. All workstations include adaptable monitors, hand scanners, a printer, and power packs that provide multiple charging stations for your devices.

Newcastle’s mobile workstations are already improving operations in 25 facilities and have gained impressive results.

  • Eliminating extra steps has improved productivity by 50%.
  • 277 hours gained per worker per year.
  • 90% reduction in labeling errors.
  • 50% increase in receiving volume.

Above all, Newcastle’s mobile workstations have streamlined warehouse operations, cut down on labeling errors and reduced worker fatigue.

Newcastle has three mobile workstations with varying product features. All mobile carts can be fully customized and adjusted with the features that best serve your business’s needs.

Charging Your Newcastle Mobile Workstation

Newcastle mobile workstations come equipped with one of two PowerPack options that will keep multiple devices powered all shift long. The PowerPack Mega provides a charge for up to 12+ hours while the PowerPack Ultra provides a charge between 6 to 8 hours. As a result, devices stay powered all workday and the cart can even be plugged into a standard wall outlet for recharging at the end of the day.

Stations come in entry-level, mid-sized and heavy-duty models.

Entry-Level Workstation

The entry-level workstation has a lightweight and minimal design. The station is powered by the PowerPack Ultra Portable Power System, capable of providing a 6 to 8-hour charge, keeping your laptop, bar code printer and scanner running all shift long.

The entry-level station is a simple solution that ensures more accurate labeling on the dock and in the warehouse, reducing errors by 90%.

Mid- Sized Workstation

Another option for your warehousing needs might be the mid-sized cart which is fully adjustable and can come with up to three shelves.

The midsize cart is able to house both larger printers and monitors due to increased surface space. Unlike the entry-level option, its adjustable shelving can tailor the work layout to each operator’s needs.

Additionally, Newcastle’s mid-sized cart can power up to 4 devices for 8-12 hours.

Heavy-Duty Workstation

Newcastle’s heavy-duty workstation pairs the agile mobility of the lighter models with a rugged 400 lb carrying capacity.

Due to its mobility and carrying capacity, the heavy-duty workstation is optimal for warehouse picking and transport needs. In addition to its impressive surface area, the station also provides full computing and printing needs.

Newcastle’s heavy-duty station can come with either a 30″ or 48″ tabletop with the optional addition of a folding shelf, expanding the total work area to 66″ x 24″.

The heavy-duty workstation comes with Lithium or SLA battery options and is capable of charging up to 4 devices like the mid-size option.

Watch How Newcastle Mobile Carts can Transform Your Warehouse Workflow

The Newcastle mobile cart streamlines workflow by reducing wasted back-and-forth motion while also eliminating errors in the process. Handling, scanning, printing, and labeling can now all be managed from one station, increasing worker productivity and warehousing efficiency.

As a result, items get cleared off the dock 50% faster, wasted tasks are eliminated and labeling errors are reduced by 90%. Newcastle’s workstations make users completely mobile. The all-in-one workstations free workers from downtime in an office and streamline warehouse processes.

Watch the video to see how Newcastle Mobile Workstations can transform the workflow of your warehouse or loading dock.

View PDF: Newcastle Mobile Workstations

Learn how one Global 3PL used mobile workstations to save $17k/Month in labor costs.

Logistics companies that deployed mobile carts have seen on average of over 50% increases in productivity. By deploying mobile workstation technology, a Global 3PL was able to overcome challenges with:

  • Inefficient workflows
  • Wasted time traveling to fixed workstations
  • Labeling errors
  • High labor costs associated with overscheduling to reduce backlogs
  • Overstressed and fatigued workforce


Mobile workstation

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