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Visit RMS Omega at NANN in Booth 226

Celebrating Neonatal Nurses The National Association of Neonatal Nurses, also known as NANN, is an organization for neonatal nurses and nurse practitioners who want to learn more about tools and connections that will help them

The CT50h by Honeywell

Improve Patient–Side Care With the CT50h by Honeywell There’s a brand new way to make sure your clinicians and nursing staff have access to all the vital information they need: the Dolphin CT50h by Honeywell. The Dolphin CT50h is a

Pharmacy Thermal Labels

Using the Correct Pharmacy Labels In any barcoding solution, it is important to have the right technology.  Having the right hardware and software are extremely important.  However, using the right supplies are just as essential

Pharmacy Printing Solutions

To track medications accurately, make sure you have a reliable pharmacy printing solution.  With the right devices, using barcode tracking in the pharmacy can be easy.  Barcode tracking will reduce medication dispensing errors while improving

Pharmacy Barcode Scanners

It is important to accurately track medication throughout the hospital.  Without a tracking system in place, patients are at risk of being given incorrect medications which can put them at harm.  Make sure your hospital