Datamax-O’Neil Legacy Printer Repair & Service

Now owned by Honeywell, Datamax-O’Neil’s vast line of legacy printers are excellent options for healthcare. Datamax-O’Neil legacy printers Their complete line of stationary and portable printers seamlessly supports barcode technology for the healthcare industry to reduce errors, ensure privacy, and improve patient safety for admissions, laboratories, and pharmacies.

Datamax O'Neil legacy printers

Although Honeywell now makes the latest and greatest, RMS Omega continues to support legacy printers like Datamax-O’Neil. We are certified for Datamax-O’Neil printer repair in addition to all printers in the Honeywell family.

RMS services and repairs ensure that healthcare partners operate at their best no matter what technology they are using. If you need service on Datamax-O’Neil printers, please use the form below, our team will be happy to assist you!

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  • Label Printers

    Datamax-O’neil offers a line of stationary and desktop printers that are compatible with the needs of the healthcare industry.  Each printer is designed with maximum durability and can be configured for flexibility.  These printers have a broad set of options to make your choice of identification print and encoding solutions simple.

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  • H-Class RFID Printer by Datatmax

    RFID Printers / Encoders

    RFID printer/encoders from Datamax-O’Neil offer a broad range of UPC UHF Gen 2 and HF RFID printer solutions to support the diverse demands of today’s constantly advancing RFID implementations.  Datamax-O’Neil smart label printers will provide users with high quality and reliable performance in healthcare environments.

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  • Datamax supplies

    Labels, Supplies & Wristbands

    Datamax-O’Neil manufacturers labels and printing supplies for healthcare specific applications including wristbands in admissions, lab and pharmacy labels.


    Protect safety with the Datamax-O’Neil SafeD-Band available in pediatric, children and adult sizes.


    HIT (Healthcare Information Technology) Products Cerner® and MEDITECH® compatible Labels

    • Sterilization labels
    • Test tube labels
    • Slide labels
    • Blood bag labels
    • IV Bag labels


    Prescription Labels

    • HIPAA-complaint, FDA-approved IV bag labels which meet the standards of 21 CFR 175.105