Medical Tablets & Touch Screen Computers from DT Research

DT Research integrates its hardware and software to bring a wide selection of reliable medical-focused products with remote management to the healthcare industry.

  • Enhanced data accuracy; reduce manual entry mistakes
  • Data transmission anytime and anywhere
  • Efficient service to increase patients’ satisfaction
  • Central device management; reduce total cost of ownership
  • Streamline electronic workflow

In clinics, hospitals and healthcare centers, the information flow can be quickly circulated and efficiently managed with the up-to-date features offered by the DT Research Medical Computing Systems:

  • Windows® based operating systems; easily integrated with other application systems
  • Wireless, compact, lightweight and ruggedized design for truly mobile computing
  • Anti-microbial enclosure for easy-to-clean, bacteria-resistant maintenance
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G wireless available for real-time data access and transmission, anytime and anywhere
  • Data capture modules: camera, magnetic stripe reader (MSR), barcode scanner, RFID and smart card readers to retrieve patient and medicine information quickly and accurately
  • Enhanced security via Trusted Platform Management and users’ authentication identification via smart card reader
  • A variety of accessories for flexible placement, portability and device charging
  • Highly sensitive touchscreens for convenient operation and data access
  • Remotely monitor and control the devices, deploy OS, firmware updates and manage the power status via the WebDT Device Manager software; minimize IT maintenance efforts, streamline the whole system workflow
  • Medical Tablet DT Research

    Ruggedized Digital Tablets

    WebDT Medical Tablet Computers are designed for the demanding environments and required security and flexibility in medical and healthcare industries. Featuring brilliant touch screens and various data-capture options within a slim, durable and antimicrobial enclosure, the WebDT Medical Tablets provide point-of-care solutions for healthcare professionals to monitor, record and retrieve patient information anytime and anywhere.

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  • Medical Touch Screen Computers - Web DT

    Medical Touch Screen Computer

    DT Research WebDT Medical Touch Screen Computers are UL60601-1 certified for health professionals to monitor, record and retrieve patient information and other point of care applications. With optional IR touch, magnetic stripe reader, smart card reader and internal wireless communication, the all-in-one digital terminals make data access efficient and optimizes staff workflow.

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