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ISBT 128 Blood Bag Labeling Solutions

For tracking and labeling blood bags, RMS Omega recommends a durable polypropylene labeling material resistant to moisture.  These features are ideal for blood bag labels. You’ll also want to use a thermal transfer label to ensure high quality and durability – This way you can be sure to produce a sharp, smear proof and long lasting barcoded label that can withstand storage in a refrigerator or freezer unit.

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    Datamax-O'Neil Blood Bag Labeling

    Datamax-O’Neil has carefully developed and tested the latest innovations in label materials combined with modern technology to manufacture a blood bag label with performance that is second to none in the healthcare industry.

    Primary blood bag solutions are offered in single quadrant, two quadrant, and full face quadrant configurations.

    Datamax-O’Neil Primary Blood Bag label material is manufactured with a new and improved polyolefin face sheet. With its FDA approved adhesive and synthetic face sheet, our blood bag solutions optimize the balance between print quality, adhesion, and label pliability; allowing the label to conform to the shape of the bag.

    Datamax-O’Neil Primary Blood Bag Solutions feature FDA compliant adhesives with 21 CFR 175.105 and are designed to comply with ISBT-128 blood bag labeling standards.

    Datamax-O’Neil Blood Bag Label Specifications
    Datamax Primary Blood Bag Solutions feature a 3.3mil high-sensitivity thermal transfer polyolefin face stock, FDA compliant permanent adhesive with a 50# super-calendered kraft liner. The face sheet provides the pliability necessary to aid in adhesion to a variety of blood bag substrates.

    Available Sizes:

    3.3 Mil Matte Polyolefin

    • 2.00″ x 2.00″
    • 4.00″ x 2.00″
    • 2.00″ x 3.25″
    • 4.00″ x 4.00″

    PGR+ Wax Resin Ribbon

    • 2.00″ x 1182′
    • 4.00″ x 1182′
    • 4.25″ x 1182′

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    Zebra ISBT 128 Label Media for Blood Bags

    Download the Datasheet

    One of just a few label converters licensed by the ICCBBA for ISBT 128 labels, Zebra delivers long lasting, extremely legible blood bag labels. You’re assured that once blood bags are labeled, they stay clearly labeled—including on blood products stored up to 10 years.

    Zebra blood bag labels are available in a full-face configuration and are available in custom sizes.

    • 8000T Primary Blood Bag label — Thermal transfer top-coated polypropylene label with a permanent acrylic adhesive that complies with FDA 175.105. This means the label can be applied directly to the bag.
    • 8000T Blood Bag label —Specialty thermal transfer polypropylene label with a permanent acrylic adhesive. Intended for use as an overlay only.

    Recommended genuine Zebra™ ribbons: 5555, 3200, 5586

    Recommended Zebra Printers: 

    • ZM400™—Durable tabletop printer provides fast processing and printing speeds—making it ideal for collection centers that process a high volume of blood.
    • G-Series™—Space-saving desktop printers are ideal for collection centers that process a low to medium volume of blood. Plus, they’re lightweight and easy to carry on blood drives.

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    Intermec by Honeywell Duratran II Permanent Blood Bag Label

    Download the Datasheet

    Intermec’s blood bag label products are designed for the needs of this critical tracking application. An aggressive adhesive securely bonds the label to the filled bag; the pliable face sheet flexes with it during centrifugation and multiple handling steps. With a wide service temperature range, Intermec labels remain positively attached through the broad range of blood component storage temperatures. Qualification testing through multiple freeze/thaw cycles ensures labels readily endure the harsh treatments commonly encountered.

    Intermec blood bag media complies with the industry standard 21 CFR 175.105, increasing assurance of safety. Images printed on Intermec blood bag labels with the durable TMX3000 or TMX2000 series ribbons, readily endure extensive handling, further adding to the robustness of the product set. Crisp, high contrast print ensures consistent scanning and imaging performance, eliminating error-prone manual data entry. Labels can be provided in full face, single or double quadrant with or without DIN (Donor ID Number) cutouts. Piggyback material is also available for multi-step bag tracking or donor set labels.

    Recommended ribbons: TMX3000 series resin, TMX2000 series mid-range

    Recommended Printers:

    • PM43 Mid Range Printer (High volume output)
    • PC43t Desktop Printer (Lower volume desktop use)

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