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Reduce Errors with Accurate Labeling in the Lab

It all starts with the right label.

Reliable barcoded labels help labs safeguard patient safety through accurate, private, and efficient specimen identification, from time of collection to delivery of results.

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When selecting multi-purpose lab labels, be sure to consider…

  • Using direct thermal paper to provide sharp text and reliable barcode printing
  • Moister and heat resistance
  • Where surface contamination may interfere with bar code scanning
  • Temperature and humidity exposure
  • Where surface abrasion may be a concern
  • Surface size of vials and slides

Microscope Slide Labels

Consider using a polypropylene thermal transfer label. Labels are available in several varieties including matte, high-gloss, top-coated films.

  • Label stock should offer moisture and or heat resistance
  • Provide excellent tear, smear and abrasion resistance
  • Provide superior stain and solvent resistance to ensure accurate identification through laboratory specimen processing

mobile lab labelsMobile Specimen Collection Labels

Using a mobile printing and labeling system can greatly reduce errors by allowing a clinician to immediately label blood or specimen draw right at the bedside. Using barcoding for identification and verification at the bedside not only reduces errors, but improves process efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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  • Stain-Resistant Labels for the Laboratory

    Download the Datasheet

    Zebra Z-Xtreme™ 5000T

    Zebra’s Z-Xtreme 5000T, coupled with Image Lock™ ribbon, was designed to withstand the most common stains and chemicals found in laboratories—ensuring that the label does not discolor and the text and barcode remain readable and scannable during the label’s useful life.

    Zebra’s Z-Xtreme 5000T withstands exposure to:

    • Xylene
    • 4% Acetic Acid
    • Ammonia
    • 100% Isopropyl Alcohol
    • Toluene
    • Hexane
    • Harris Hematoxylin
    • Eosin
    • And many others

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  • Intermec by Honeywell Laboratory Slide Labels

    Download the Datasheet

    INtegrity Slide labels provide extreme durability to ensure accurate identification in the lab environment. The printed image’s resistance to solvents such as xylene, alcohols, and stains ensures that labels offer consistent scanning performance through multiple sample processing stages. Crisp, high quality print allows use of high-resolution conventional 1D or newer 2D symbologies for datarich marking on necessarily small labels. Aggressive adhesive maintains a firm bond with slide surface after solvent soaking, resisting flagging and slipping. Direct thermal printing simplifies HIPAA compliance while maximizing ease of use.