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Cox Prosight Hospital RTLS

Cox Prosight is a real-time location tracking system built to help hospitals gain visibility over the care that patients receive.

A Hospital RTLS Platform
For Modern Patient Care

A lot of moving parts are involved in daily hospital operations. The movement of patients, staff, and equipment is constant and has a direct impact on safety and the delivery of care. Cox Prosight’s hospital RTLS platform unlocks a high level of operational insight and visibility into key healthcare operations.

Cox Prosight software screenshot.

Prosight uses advanced IoT technology to track, locate, and monitor assets and people throughout the hospital in real time – preventing wasted time, money, and resources.

  • One Cost-Effective Platform – Realize quick ROI by addressing challenges across multiple use cases.
  • Full Stack Solution – Get hardware, software, and services from a single provider for a complete RTLS solution.
  • Seamless Integration – Integrate with EMR, EHR, and other healthcare IT solutions.
  • Secure Platform – Backed by Cox security center

Track & Locate Critical Assets

Prosight hospital RTLS asset tracking graphic.

Hospitals are impacted every day by lost, missing, and unusable assets that are needed for patient care. The inability to track down supplies, medications, and equipment impedes the quick delivery of care and also piles up operating costs with needless re-orders and time wasted on tracking down missing items.

Prosight Assets provides a smarter way to manage medical equipment and supplies inventory. With accurate, real-time data, administrators can dig into where items are located, how equipment is used, and how much they need to re-order. Prosight’s hospital RTLS also breaks down locations by floor, department, asset type, and equipment status – putting a digital map of your hospital and everything in it at your fingertips.

  • Smart Location: Pinpoint the location of important equipment in real-time, with room-level accuracy.
  • Smart Ordering: Use real-time inventory data to understand equipment and supplies usage, enabling timely orders for the correct quantities of equipment and supplies. Reduce hospital operating costs by avoiding overstocking and understocking.
  • Smart Alerts: Receive instant notifications and alerts when assets enter incorrect locations or when they need to be returned, sanitized, or maintained.
  • Smart Rules: Create custom rules and zones where certain assets are allowed to enter.

Learn More About Prosight Assets

Improve Staff and Patient Safety

Staff safety graphic.Prosight Safety provides real-time visibility into staff locations to improve response time and overall facility safety. With the Prosight platform, hospital staff can discretely request help and alert security of their location. In turn, security teams can view alerts in real time off of their consumer devices and respond quickly and confidently.

Skyrocketing violence in treatment areas – particularly emergency rooms – has made improving security for physicians, nurses, and other staff members a high priority for the healthcare industry. With the press of a discrete button, staff can request security assistance at their precise location anywhere in the hospital.

View Prosight Safety PDF

Create A Patient-Friendly Experience

Patient experience graphic.Hospital campuses are always growing and changing, making it difficult for patients to find appointments on time. Prosight Experience provides a digital experience that helps simplify the patient’s journey from home to appointment. This helps to reduce missed appointments and stress, improving the overall patient experience. The Prosight Experience platform gives patients access to essential tools to manage their care—from scheduling appointments to accessing medical records and treatment plans.

Prosight Experience uses IoT sensor-based technology to simplify both routine and non-routine trips to the hospital for patients and visitors.

  • Indoor Navigation: Real-time GPS enables turn-by-turn directions to anywhere in the facility.
  • On-The-Go Patient Engagement: Empower patients with location-based alerts and notifications.
  • Content Management: Push relevant dynamic content directly to patients receiving care via a cloud-based content management system.
  • Analytics: Optimize care administration and better understand patient traffic patterns and flow.
  • Integrations: Integrate with scheduling, record management, directories, and other healthcare software.

View Prosight Experience PDF

Monitor Compliance of Environmentally-Sensitive Items

Environmental monitoring graphicHospitals rely on important medications, vaccines, samples, and more for effective care. It’s imperative that sensitive items maintain compliance within proper temperature ranges. Lack of visibility over temperature compliance can lead to waste, gaps in compliance, and safety concerns.

Prosight Environment monitors and logs temperatures 24/7 in key areas throughout the hospital. Quickly verify compliant, non-compliant, and at-risk areas with floor plan granularity and instant alerts.

  • Smart Monitoring: Monitor temperatures 24/7 and in real-time to verify which zones are in and out of the appropriate range. View device history to verify temperatures stayed in the appropriate range.
  • Smart Reports: View and audit temperature reports from each device. Automatically generate reports and meet compliance.
  • Smart Alerts: Customize alerts and notifications when temperatures are out of range so that troubleshooting can occur quickly
  • Smart Rules: Tailor temperature monitoring to your specific facility’s needs.

View Prosight Environment PDF

Improve 6 Key Areas of Your Hospital

  • Boost Operational Efficiency

    RTLS solutions provide real-time visibility over care administration. With a higher degree of visibility, it’s easy to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and opportunities to lower costs.

  • Save Time and Money

    Countless hours are wasted by staff searching the facility for lost assets and supplies. Prosight Asset reduces this time by pinpointing the location of critical assets.

  • Reduce Waste

    By monitoring the temperature and environment of essential vaccines and medications in real time, staff can act quickly when environmental conditions are out of the appropriate range.

  • Enhance Staff Support & Safety

    Emergency call badges allow staff to discretely alert security of rising threats and notify security personnel of the exact location of the incident, enabling quicker response times from security personnel.

  • Streamline Operations with Advanced Insights

    Leverage real-time data to develop insight and visibility into key operations. Improve hospital operations with data-driven changes that promote greater efficiency, safety, and care.

  • Improve Patient Experience and Engagement

    Prosight Experience makes it easy for patients to access all important information in one place.

Get An Overview of The Cox Prosight RTLS Platform

A RTLS platform that helps streamline and modernize operations in your hospital.

Learn how the Prosight platform uses Bluetooth and other sensor-based edge technologies to monitor asset and equipment locations,  employee safety, patient experience, and environmental factors that impact temperature-sensitive items.

  • Medical Asset Tracking
  • Staff Safety Monitoring
  • Patient Experience & Engagement
  • Environmental Temperature Monitoring
  • Hand Hygiene Compliance

View Cox Prosight Hospital RTLS Overview

Cox Prosight RTLS Platform preview.

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