Get the Message Through – A Unified Hospital Communication Solution

MUSE 2016 RMS Omega

Secure Push-to-Talk, Voice, & Enterprise Messaging in the Hospital

Accurate hospital communication is the key to patient safety, so why not make it easy? Giving your staff access to fast and secure communication is as easy as pushing a button. Workforce Connect unified hospital communication solutions by RMS Omega and Zebra Technologies does just that.

Full function phone, push-to-talk and enterprise messaging – All on one enterprise mobile clinical device:

  • Voice – Turns healthcare grade mobile computers into fully-featured mobile PBX desk phones with advanced functionality and a customizable experience.
  • Push To Talk (PTT) – This secure and robust cloud-based solution enables users to communicate one-to-one and one-to-many over Wi-Fi and/or cellular networks — your entire workforce connected, never more than the press of a button away.
  • Enterprise Messaging – When voice conversations aren’t appropriate, this text messaging cloud-based solution enables users to communicate in a private or group messaging conversation over Wi-Fi and cellular networks.
Hospital Communication System Push to Talk Mobile Devices
Going to MUSE 2016?  Visit us at booth 828 to learn more about using push-to-talk, messaging and voice communication in the hospital.

Learn more about using Workforce Connect. Watch a short video:

Workforce Connect will allow your staff to make PTT calls, as well as PBX calls, send emails and text messages, and collect data which will aid your staff in making the best, informed decisions when it comes to patient care. Workforce Connect can be deployed using a variety of mobile devices and can be integrated into existing devices used in your hospital.

Develop Smarter, Enabled Staff

By using Workforce Connect on healthcare grade mobile computers your staff will have the opportunity to communicate with each other throughout the hospital. Use Workforce Connect as a secure PTT (push-to-talk) or messaging solution that works over your hospital’s secure wireless WLAN, turning your mobile computing devices into powerful mobile phones.

Download a datasheet for more information about using a secure PTT solution. 

Benefits of Push-to-Talk Hospital Communication

Use Workforce Connect to provide hospital staff with easy, fast and secure communication throughout the campus. Several benefits include:

  • Real-time workforce communication and collaboration
  • Communication with everyone, members of a specific group or department, or with just one person
  • Secure communications using digital signature and voice encryption
  • Seamlessly communicate using secure hospital WLAN, cellular data network, or traditional land mobile radio systems
  • Keep data and cell minute usage low for cost savings
  • See user availability status, reach the people you need
  • Playback of missed messages

Download a datasheet for Workforce Connect.

Healthcare Grade Mobile Devices

MC40 HCWe recommend using the MC40-HC mobile computer with Workforce Connect for the best push-to-talk experience.  The MC40-HC will improve patient safety, the patient experience, and healthcare staff productivity.  Some features of this mobile computer include:

  • Disinfectant-ready with enterprise-class durability
  • Advanced scanning technology
  • A large 4.3-inch touch-only display
  • Android OS fortified for the enterprise
  • A powerful voice connection to nearly any other mobile device in the hospital
  • User replaceable battery for guaranteed availability all shift, every shift
  • Rich photographic intelligence

Learn more about using push-to-talk, voice and text-messaging in the hospital.  Visit us at MUSE 2016 in booth 828 to see a live demo of Workforce Connect!

Not going to make it to MUSE this year?  Contact us for more information about Workforce Connect.