Healthcare Barcode Technology

Healthcare Barcode Technology - Hospital Mobile PrintingUsing the right technology in your hospital can make a world of difference when it comes to patient care.  From the moment a patient walks into the hospital they need to be properly identified and tracked so doctors, nurses, and staff can give them accurate results.  Healthcare barcode technology is the easiest and most cost-effective way to identify and track patients as they travel throughout the hospital.

When it comes to selecting hardware, Healthcare barcode technology differs from general barcode technology because it is made with extra durable plastics.  The plastic in healthcare barcode devices can withstand chemicals in disinfecting products used in the hospital environment.  It is important that technology can survive getting wiped down with these cleaning agents to minimize the spread of disease in your hospital.

There are many applications throughout the hospital that require the use of healthcare barcode technology.  Some applications include:

Use Healthcare Barcode Technology to Increase Visibility in the Hospital

Voice Hospital Communication Mobile DeviceBy using the right healthcare barcode technology, hospital staff and administration will have access to real-time information to help them make the best decisions.  With access to real-time information, patient care will be enhanced, operational efficiency will be increased, and operations will be optimized.

Recommended Healthcare Barcode Technology

Zebra’s HC100 wristband printer is the only wristband printer in the industry that offers easy to load media cartridges to user-friendly, hassle-free printing and helps hospitals ensure positive patient identification.  It allows hospitals to positively identify patients quickly, easily, and accurately and uses reliable supplies.  The HC100 uses supplies such as the Z-band ultrasoft wristbands.  It also has a very small footprint.

HC100 wristband printer and cartridges

The MC40-HC touch computer by Zebra Technologies is as easy to use as today’s smartphones.  Your staff will be able to use the MC40-HC with little to no training.  This mobile touch computer has an enterprise-class feature set, from data capture and security to manageability and a dependable robust wireless connection.


The CS4070-HC barcode scanner makes scanning at a patient’s bedside easy.  This pocket scanner, by Zebra, allows hospital staff to prevent deadly errors in medication administration and specimen collection.  This scanner is small enough to be carried at all times; it can be tucked into a pocket or even worn on a lanyard.


Zebra’s QLn220-HC is a lightweight mobile printer that can travel throughout the hospital.  Being able to bring this printer into each patient room will be able to help your staff increase accuracy and ultimately keep patients safe.

QLN series healthcare mobile printers

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