Hardware, Software, Supplies, Accessories and More.

At RMS Omega, we provide all the pieces to the puzzle. Our experienced account managers will work with you directly so you won’t have to go through multiple vendors for different technologies.

The RMS healthcare solutions team will get you up and running with mobile devices, all in one computers, scanners, wristbands, labels & supplies, software integration, secure wireless systems, in addition to professional services, repairs, and support.

Browse some of our product offering below. Or, contact us to discuss your specific technology needs!

  • Hardware

    RMS Omega provides a variety of barcode, wireless and RFID technology equipment for fast and accurate data collection. Let us help you compare and select the appropriate hardware for your healthcare system.

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  • Labels & Printing Supplies

    Using the right labels, wristbands, tags and printing supplies is just the first step to reliable and accurate barcode scanning and printing in the hospital. To be functional, barcode and RFID labels need to be legible, scannable and able to stay attached to the item.

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  • Software

    Learn more about software applications designed to provide your health system with more efficient and accurate data. Including barcode data collection, inventory and asset tracking, mobile specimen collection, facilities maintenance and more. Let RMS Omega help you drive down costs, increase accuracy and efficiency by implementing the right solution for your facility.

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