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Digital Displays in Healthcare Settings

Whether you operate an acute care hospital or a walk-in clinic, you will recognize the usefulness of installing digital displays. These eye-catching devices provide patients, family and caregivers with both essential and nice-to-know information. They are usually seen in emergency departments, lobby areas, cafeterias and waiting rooms.

Digital Healthcare Messages

There is usually a variety of messaging on the digital display units, designed to engage, educate and even entertain. Information about using your hospital or clinic itself might include:

  • Visiting hours
  • Cafeteria hours
  • Shopping opportunities; e.g. florist, pharmacy
  • Parking options
  • Location of key units or equipment such as wheelchairs
  • Necessary papers to present; e.g. identification, healthcare insurance
  • Emergency room wait times
  • Spotlight on a staff-of-the-month
  • Any recent awards, accreditations or recognitions the service has received

Your healthcare professionals will appreciate the proven impact of more educational information such as:

  • Infection control; e.g. importance of hand washing
  • Prevention; e.g. need for childhood vaccinations

Your patients and their caregivers tend to be more motivated to retain information if shown digitally than reading a piece of paper. This might include procedure specific information such as:

  • Video explaining outpatient procedure to a waiting patient
  • Video explaining post-operative procedures and precautions
  • Information about community resources or support groups for follow-up

Messages in common areas are often interspersed with news, weather and traffic updates. If you have children as patients, you might want to include short, kid-friendly videos both entertaining and educational. Also, check your website to see if you can use your digital display to address common inquiries that appear on the site.

Benefits of Digital Messages in Healthcare Services

You will discover several areas of benefits in using digital message boards around your healthcare facility.

  • Branding of healthcare service as digital message units provide an attractive medium for letting patients and visitors know exactly what your healthcare service offers and how good it is
  • Engagement of patient and companions so they have a better appreciation of your services and are more relaxed about their visit
  • Better informed patient population about both preventative measures and specific procedures of current visit, often decreasing number of return visits

Digital displays in hospital and other healthcare settings are a reflection of your service excellence. They show that you are focused on the best interests of your patients.

In order to start a discussion about the most appropriate digital displays for your particular healthcare service, contact one of our professionals. They will identify all the areas in which your operations could benefit from digital messaging, review the hardware and software options and work with you to install an effective system.