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2020 Technology Update

We know that having communication and learning tools is important. That’s why we want to offer our partners the best possible solutions.

Elo Touch Solutions is a leading brand in touch products and technologies. The recognized quality and reliability of Elo touch-based products results from a design that incorporates easy to read displays and responsive touch screen interfaces, with a sealed casing that protects against liquid splashes.  This allows the display to continue operating accurately even when subjected to water drops or other substances. Equally, at home in a busy clinic or waiting room, Elo touch screen products can be activated with a finger, rubber-gloved hand, or stylus—all common in healthcare settings.

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All-in-one Clinical Access, Patient Services, & Hospital Management

Lincor bedside computer system

Taking your hospital experience beyond the cart…

Lincor’s MEDIVista solution is the world’s leading clinical bedside computing technology. MEDIVista enables secure bedside access to electronic patient data and clinical applications; in addition, patients can access a range of digital entertainment, education and communications services.

Founded on a flexible component-based architecture, MEDIVista is easily customized to meet a hospital’s specific ICT, clinical and patient entertainment needs. Hospitals’ can offer a full suite or phased delivery of clinical applications such as bedside retrieval and viewing of EHR and PACS data, observation tracking, computerized bed management, test ordering and the optional meal management functionality.

MEDIVista™ Hospital Bedside Stations incorporate multiple operational benefits including:

    • Secure EHR access bedside & patient education (medical procedure videos, hospital services, access to patient records at the bedside)
    • Communication services (telephone, nurse call, Internet, Skype, video conferencing)
    • Electronic Meal Ordering (dietary alerts – religious & medical, dietary management)
    • Digital on-demand entertainment & services (TV, movies, radio, Internet, audio books, games)
    • Direct electronic payment for Entertainment Services (pre/post pay options/credit card/Internet)
  • Lincor

    MEDIVista™ Hospital Bedside Portals

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    Lincor-logo-hires-pngMEDIVista was developed by Lincor to be a customized user-interface that is able to support the needs of multiple user groups.  These user groups include:

    • Clinicians
    • Hospital Management
    • Patients

    MEDIVista Benefits

    • Improve patient outcomes
    • Reduce clinical errors and medical risk
    • Increase efficiency in hospitals
    • Deliver a better patient experience
    • Decrease cost of delivering essential clinical applications to the bedside
    • Faster return on investment

    MEDIVista Features

    MEDIVista has a number of features that can be useful in any healthcare environment.  These features were designed to enhance patient care, reduce costs, and improve efficiency, all while delivering improved clinical outcomes.  These features include:

    • High availability architecture
    • Clinical access
    • Hospital administration
    • Patient education
    • Patient media services
    • Remote patient monitoring
    • Direct patient messaging
    • Pause live TV
    • Advanced billing and payment
    • Bed status management
    • Room controls
    • Patient surveys
    • Multi-seat operation
    • Enhanced multilingual support
  • Lincor clinical access at the bedside

    MEDIVista™ for Clinicians

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    Clinical Access Bedside Computing

    Medical staff can perform daily patient-care routines with greater ease by accessing the Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and clinical applications direct from every patient’s bedside.

    Using secure smart card technology, clinical staff can access MEDIVista’s clinical dashboard where they can follow defined patient care pathways, enter real-time observation data from daily rounds, interact with complete patient records; order medical tests and view results, and view prescriptions and perform faster cross-hospital communications.

    MEDIVista makes clinicians work more efficiently. Patient information can be obtained quicker and easier, while all information is safely protected.  MEDIVista minimizes the risk of giving a patient the incorrect medication, increasing patient safety.

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    Features for Clinicians – Including Nurses, Doctors & Consultants:

    • Clinical Care Pathways
    • Access to Electronic Patient Records
    • Electronic Drug Charting
    • Nursing Observation Assistant
    • Hospital Test Ordering System
    • Nursing Dashboard
    • Remote Patient Monitoring
    • Secure Smart Card & Barcode Technology
  • Lincor Patient Education

    MEDIVista™ for Patient Services

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    Patient Entertainment & Services Portal

    Bedside access for patient to e-mail, broadband, telephone, digital TV, and movies-on-demand significantly improves patient satisfaction and also serves as an access platform to hospital information systems for medical personnel.

    MEDIVista will enhance the patient experience.  It allows for easy communication and payment, as well as electronic meal ordering.  Patients can also educate themselves about their illness without the need to waste resources such as paper and ink.  Since all the information they are getting is electronic, it is current because it is so easy to update.

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    Patient Education

    The patient can access relevant video and audio educational content supplied by the hospital. In addition, documents in various formats such as PDF and Word can also be displayed on the terminal.

    Patient Care

    Patient Monitoring

    Utilizing the bedside terminal’s integrated camera, this advanced feature provides remote, monitoring of patients from a centralized location such as a nurses’ station.

    This is particularly suitable for checking on vulnerable patients such as newborns, the elderly or those in immediate post-operation recovery.

    Nurse Call Integration

    This feature allows the patient to access the nurse call direction from the bedside terminal. MEDIVista enables this by integrating with any existing nurse call systems already in place

    Room Controls

    MEDIVista has the ability to be integrated with various room controls such as temperature, lights and blinds, allowing the patient to control their own environment, thus improving patient comfort while freeing up valuable nursing time.

    Dietary Management

    MEDIVista allows patients to order food from their bedside. Food choices can be customized based on personal medical requirements.

  • Linkcor MEDIVista Bedside Portal

    MEDIVista™ for Hospital Applications

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    Bedside Portal for Hospital Management and Support Staff

    Hospital management can experience a dramatic reduction in clinical risk, increased workflow management, improved medication and inventory control, achieve quality and healthcare standards, and manage patient satisfaction.  In addition, by enabling revenue from paid-for patient entertainment and communications, hospitals are realizing a rapid ROI increase.

    MEDIVista can help hospital management have greater cost control by limiting the amount of wasted food, accurate drug allocation, and order control.   Patients can fill out service satisfaction surveys right from their bed using the MEDIVista so management can improve in the future or tackle issues as they arise.

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    Bed Status Management System

    The MEDIVista Bed Status Management System (BSM) improves the efficiency of Bed Allocation within a hospital by providing real-time information on the status of each hospital bed by allowing this status to be reported from the bedside by authorized staff.

    Dietary Management

    By allowing patients to order food from their bedside terminal, you increase the efficiency of your catering operation. Wastage is reduced by limiting available food choices (dependent on medical requirements) and automatically adjusting orders when patients are moved, discharged or otherwise unavailable during food service.


    The MEDIVista Housekeeping application provides a room cleaning checklist, fault / issue reporting and screen cleaning functionality that reduces the risk of cross infection by ensuring the entire touch screen surface is cleaned.

    Patient Surveys

    Patient feedback can be instantly collected via touch screen surveys and collated for centralized reporting.

    These surveys are completely customizable to ensure you get the data you need.

  • Xenon 1900h by Honeywell

    Featured Barcode Scanner - Connect to MEDIVista Portals: Honeywell Xenon Healthcare Scanner

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    The Xenon 1900h features a custom sensor that is optimized for barcode scanning. The Xenon offers optional disinfectant-ready housing, protecting your investment with durable construction that is able to resist the harmful effects of harsh chemicals.

    Built with durability in mind, Xenon 1900h can withstand up to 50 drops to concrete from 6 feet. An IP41-rating provides added protection. With a solid-state design backed by a three-year warranty, Xenon 1900h is constructed to deliver years of uninterrupted performance.