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Honeywell Mobile Printers in Healthcare

Honeywell’s Mobile Printers Help Increase Accuracy

Honeywell mobile printers deliver high-speed performance whenever and wherever you need it.  The wide selection of energy-efficient mobile printers by are designed to withstand punishing field conditions where dirt, moisture, temperature extremes and physical shock are common.

Mobile printers allow healthcare staff to print labels directly at the point of application, whether that’s the patient’s bedside, in the lab, or at the pharmacy.  This allows for increased accuracy throughout the facility.

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Featured Products

  • PB22 Rugged Mobile Label Printer

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    With the fastest time to first label, the rugged PB22 printer is ready to ramp up productivity in the most demanding environments. This reliable 2 inch label printer integrates seamlessly with mobile computers and software to deliver high performance printing while lowering the cost of development, deployment and support.

    With ultra-fast print speed and proven two to three times faster time-to-first-label than competitive products, these printers deliver measurable improvements in worker productivity and accuracy. Unique design elements, such as the label gap and label take sensors, help maintain productivity while reducing waste.