SoftwareInventory & Asset Management

Managing Hospital Inventory and Assets Accurately and in Real-time

Eliminate cumbersome and inaccurate paper- or workstation-based inventory control, and relieve the frustration and time waste of medical equipment location searches. Use inventory and asset management software to reduce costs, while increasing the quality of patient care.

Inventory Management – Although inventory management is of the utmost importance, clinicians and other healthcare professionals are not logistics professionals. Automated inventory management enables clinicians to maintain patient focus, freeing them from manual processes and ensuring:

  • Automatic inventory tracking, from stockrooms to operating rooms and patient rooms, through to waste areas
  • Reduction of stock-outs, supply hoarding and inventory shrink
  • Increased rates and accuracy of per-patient charge capture for supplies and equipment
  • More accurate billing and ordering, leading to larger orders, bulk discounts and other savings
  • Reduction in duplicative, on-hand inventory
  • More efficient expiration date management and proactive removal of expired inventory

Asset Management – Visibility into asset counts and locations is critical for facility management and clinicians alike. A variety of technologies can be used to ensure that:

  • Medical equipment is easily located and clean, working and ready for use
  • Work delays due to missing equipment are reduced
  • Asset databases remain accurate so that required upgrades and security updates are consistently deployed

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