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Iatric MobiLab Software

MobiLab Specimen Collection and Phlebotomy Software

Iatric MobiLab software brings positive patient identification, positive specimen identification, and specimen label printing to the bedside. By utilizing wireless handheld and printer technology at the bedside, Mobi Lab is designed to reduce patient identification and specimen labeling errors, while increasing the productivity of your phlebotomy and nursing staff.

Barcode technology is used to positively identify a patient by scanning their wristband. The phlebotomist is also required to confirm a secondary identification method in order to complete the Positive Patient ID process. Next, a label is generated at bedside through the use of portable barcode label printers to collect each specimen. This helps eliminate errors associated with sorting preprinted labels for multiple patients.  After specimen collection and labeling, the barcode on the specimen label is scanned to confirm that specimen labels affixed to the tubes match the patient whose wristband was scanned.

Users collect samples in the order indicated on their screen, which also tells them which color tube to use and any special handling instructions such as whether specimens need to be kept warm or packed in ice, increasing staff efficiency and productivity.

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MobiLab Mobile Computer

  • Zebra TC52-HC Mobile Computer

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    To provide the highest quality care on every shift, nurses and other healthcare workers need to call or text physicians and other co-workers, take calls coming in from the PBX, access electronic patient records, scan barcodes to ensure accuracy in medicine administration and specimen collection, monitor medical equipment alarms and more. As a result, the average healthcare worker needs a multitude of devices, from a two-way radio, a personal consumer smartphone, a mobile PBX handset to a barcode scanner and a pager that receives alarms from critical life support equipment. This translates into a lot of
    devices to purchase, manage and disinfect to prevent the spread of germs.

MobiLab Mobile Label Printer

  • Zebra ZQ610 Mobile Printer

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    Want to improve specimen labeling accuracy, staff productivity, and patient safety? With the ZQ600 Healthcare Series, you can. The ZQ600 takes Zebra’s popular QLn platform and makes it even better — adding advanced technology and innovative design that drive productivity, ease-of-use and manageability to a new level. Designed specifically for healthcare, these compact printers are built to withstand constant disinfecting. The color display takes all the guesswork out of printer status. Advanced battery technology powers every minute of the longest shift. The ZQ600 offers the fastest, most dependable wireless connections inside the four walls and your IT department will find the ZQ600 easier to integrate, manage and secure thanks to Zebra’s Link-OS® operating system and powerful Print DNA suite of applications, utilities and developer tools. The ZQ600 Healthcare Series — the next evolution in the gold standard for mobile specimen labeling.