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Medical touch screen computers are state of the art solutions for healthcare professionals in hospitals, labs, pharmacies and community clinics. Even the smallest mobile versions are user friendly and easy to read. Such computers are designed for more efficient patient care.


Touch screen computers are used by medical staff, lab assistants and pharmacists to record and retrieve information pertinent to quality patient care and may include:

  • Nursing logs for vital signs and significant observations
  • Electronic medication administration record (eMar) for submitting and filling prescriptions and administering medication to patients
  • Computerized physician order entry (CPOE) for direct patient care; e.g. ordering tests and treatments
  • Picture archiving and communication system (PACS) providing storage and access to medical imaging
  • Complete patient electronic health records accessible to all authorized personnel

Although originally designed for patient healthcare, many medical touch screen computers also offer value-added optional functions, including:

  • Access to menus to order meals
  • Entertainment services such as television, videos, music
  • Communication devices; e.g. phones, Skype
  • Education; e.g. video about healthcare services, treatments, tests and procedures
  • Electronic payment systems


Medical touch screen computers incorporate several features that are essential in the healthcare system, including:

  • HIPAA compliant software for privacy
  • Screen privacy filter ensuring visibility only to person accessing data to ensure privacy
  • Screen responsive to bare or gloved finger or stylus
  • Anti-microbial screen and casing
  • Sealed screens to prevent damage from spills
  • Badge readers to ensure accountability
  • Barcode scanner
  • Robust processor
  • Rugged design to function well in demanding clinical environment
  • Capacity to accommodate accessories such as webcams as needed
  • Several mounting options


The benefits of using medical touch screen computers in healthcare services are obvious to all users and to management:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity as all client data is available immediately at point of care or as needed by other professional in lab, pharmacy or treatment room
  • Increased quality of patient care with prompt, integrated response to significant incidents, tests or treatments
  • Confidence in having complete, accurate, up to date client records in accordance with HIPAA standards


Healthcare facilities across the country are working toward installing a full complement of medical touch screen computers in order to support their professional staff in providing excellent patient care