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Voice Communication Applications in Healthcare

As every healthcare administrator knows, effective communication is a keystone of efficient medical practices. Whether you work in an acute health hospital, a long term care facility or a large community clinic, you recognize that nurses and other healthcare professionals need to be continually sending and receiving information pertinent to patient care. These busy environments present their own particular challenges for both written and spoken messaging.

Learn more about software available to accommodate complete network integration, including:

  • Direct, immediate voice contact with an individual or with a group
  • Text, email and file transfer
  • Interaction with a range of mobile devices such as computers, smart phones and two-way radios

Benefits of a Voice Solution

RMS Omega guarantees you will immediately see benefits from installing voice technology for the employees in your healthcare facility, including:

  • Elimination of a layer of noise from staff moving around looking for information or colleagues, calling out to each other and paging
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Increased productivity
  • Direct communication resulting in increased accuracy and understanding of instructions and patient information
  • Increased collaboration due to ease of communication
  • Improved task management
  • Overall improvement in the patent care experience
  • Overall improvement in staff satisfaction

As a healthcare administrator you will want to see the cost effectiveness of installing a voice solution for your employees.

At RMS Omega, we are ready to work with you to review your healthcare operations and draw on our more than 17 years of successful corporate experience to recommend a solution that is just right for your organization.

Contact us now to start the process of choosing a mobile voice solution for your healthcare service.

Learn more, select a software application below.

  • Wireless Text to Speech: Kea Workforce Collaboration

    Push to Talk and Text to Speech communications allow staff members to communicate throughout the facility with no monthly cell phone costs.

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  • Mobile Voice Communication Software: Workforce Connect

    When you give clinicians mobile computers with voice as well as data capabilities, those clinicians have a single device that not only provides all the data they need, but also allows them to reach or be reached by anyone inside our outside of the facility.

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  • AGNITY MobileCare™

    AGNITY Mobilecare seamlessly blends unified communications and Health IT technologies into a simple and easy to use mobile and web client that supports clinical workflows which drive better patient outcomes and higher ROIs.

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