Blood & IV Bag Identification

Blood and IV Bag Identification Solutions

As a healthcare administrator, you know the importance of doing everything possible to ensure patient safety through the reduction of medical errors. HIPAA compliance, FDA approval and the international ISBT-128 standard are significant factors in determining your safety policies and procedures. These organizations provide guidelines for labeling and managing your healthcare service’s inventory of blood and intravenous bags.

RMS Omega’s specialists are available to review your operations and advise you on the best technology to use for blood and IV bag identification solutions. There are typically three key components:

  • Printing software, either standalone or integrated into your blood bank information system
  • Labels that are industry compliant and use FDA approved adhesive
  • Barcode printer that can integrate into the existing network and produce high quality barcode labels

For over 17 years, we’ve developed partnerships with many reputable companies. This means the RMS Omega team can design and implement a full service solution to your challenge of making sure all blood and IV bags are identified accurately. Read on to learn more about a sampling of available products.

Full Service Solutions for Blood and IV Bag Identification

At RMS Omega, we don’t just hand over an off the shelf package. Our team of specialists will work with you to identify needs specific to your healthcare operation. Only then we can suggest solutions and review the pros and cons of each option. Once you make a decision, we can work with you to make sure the implementation goes well, any training is done and follow up support is provided, as needed.

Contact us to take that first step to installing a technology solution for blood and IV bag identification in which you can have complete confidence.

Featured Solution Components

  • NiceLabel

    Database and Blood Bag Printing Software

    Use NiceLabel’s label design printing software to produce labels for blood product identification. Learn more about label design software.

    Contact us for more information about designing labels in compliance with ISBT-128 standards. We are happy to assist you with label design, as well as selecting the correct label material to suit your hospital or laboratory environment.

  • blood bag label


    RMS Omega can provide you with labels for both blood bags and IV bags.

    These labels are ISBT-128 compliant with FDA approved adhesive so they can conform to the shape of the bag and will not fall off. They are available in single quadrant, two quadrant and full face quadrant configurations.

    These IV bag labels are HIPAA compliant with FDA approved adhesive. The face sheet is easy to peel, producing an excellent print quality. Because they are made for direct thermal printing, you do not have to be concerned about disposing of ribbons with confidential information, thus addressing HIPAA privacy requirements.

  • Barcode & Label Printers

    If you understand that high quality barcode labels are an essential tool for patient safety, you will want to check out the Datamax-O’neil M406 printer. This versatile, rugged printer is certified for use in hospitals and other healthcare services. It features include:

    • User friendly navigation of screens
    • Wide range of connectivity to meet diverse app requirements
    • Smooth integration into existing networks
    • Easy, cost effective maintenance
    • Compact and convenient