EMEA QLn220 healthcare_large-resized-600Mobile Phlebotomy Solutions

RMS Omega understands the two primary reasons for considering mobile point-of-care technology for the phlebotomy services in your healthcare facility:

  • Patient safety
  • Efficient workflow

Barcode technology, handheld computers and wireless printers eliminate any guesswork in the phlebotomists’ job. These professionals have enough to do at the bedside or other patient location without worrying about their technology.

Full-Service Solution

RMS Omega’s team of specialists offers a full-service solution by:

  • Consulting with your staff to identify all steps in the phlebotomy process
  • Recommending a technology solution including hardware, software and essential supplies
  • Coordinating the installation of the system
  • Training employees, as necessary
  • Providing ongoing maintenance and technical support

Patient Safety

At RMS Omega, we understand that your main concern is always for patient safety when collecting a specimen. We can provide solutions that make it easy for the phlebotomist to:

Efficient Workflow

As a healthcare administrator, you are also monitoring the efficiency of the process. RMS Omega understands that a phlebotomist needs mobile technology that will:

  • Provide immediate access to information such as the requesting physician, special instructions and order updates, eliminating extra phone calls or desk work
  • Reduce paperwork for orders and lab processing
  • Record blood draws in real time so complete, accurate info is immediately available to other clinicians
  • Show new or emergency orders as they are generated
  • Integrate all information with the laboratory information system, eliminating extra data entry

The integral efficiency of the technology increases phlebotomists’ productivity as they make the rounds of patients. Such an efficient workflow is also cost effective, reducing the time and supplies needed by each phlebotomist as he or she makes their rounds.

Technology Solution

Working with our partners, RMS Omega specialists can put together a customized package of software, hardware and support services for your phlebotomist on the move.

An end-to-end, efficient, cost effective mobile phlebotomy solution could include the following:

  1. Barcode software ensures patient identification and accurate labeling of specimens while streamlining the workflow of the phlebotomists and other healthcare staff. The bonus feature is a tight integration with your laboratory information system so specimen processing is quick and accurate.
  2. A rugged handheld computer that has the capacity to allow your healthcare staff to access patient records, accurately administer medication, monitor patient vital signs, place lab and pharmacy orders and view test results from anywhere in the facility.
  3. A mobile label printer that is super easy for your phlebotomists to use to print specimen labels right at the patient point-of-care. The ideal printer is rugged and lightweight, able to provide direct thermal printing of the narrow 2” labels to attach to vials for the laboratory. Such a printer works well for:
    1. Specimen labels at point of collection
    2. Barcoded labels for patient charts to ensure accurate information
    3. Pharmacy barcoded labels with patient information, minimizing risk of wrongly filled prescriptions
  4. Direct thermal or thermal transfer labels, depending on what’s best for the printer
  5. Equipment caddies that allows your phlebotomists to carry all their equipment and supplies safely. RMS Omega has designed a lightweight, compact model with room for a mobile computer and printer, a tube rack for specimens and more space for other tools and supplies. The Mobile Lab Tote is also available as a cart system, offering the phlebotomist a stable and accessible unit that glides through patient’s rooms effortlessly.

Even though there are standard procedures for a phlebotomist to follow, each healthcare service is somewhat unique. At RMS Omega, we are ready to consult with you about your particular processes and needs. Then, we work with our partners to design the ideal mobile phlebotomy solution for your facility so you may continue to provide excellent service.

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The RMS Omega Solution

Our total solutions are comprised of hardware, printers, media, software and services.  Deciding which of the components works best for your operation and environment may require the assistance of our Solutions Consultants. Contact us and together we’ll assure your organization a successful barcoding / RFID project.  Below are some recommended components for a complete mobile specimen collection solution.

Featured Solution Components

  • Iatric Systems

    Iatric Mobile Phlebotomy Software

    Download the Datasheet

    Eliminate mislabeled specimens with barcode technology to reduce risk and improve patient safety and satisfaction.

    MobiLab® software is designed to reduce patient identification and specimen labeling errors, while increasing the productivity of your phlebotomy and nursing staff.

  • MC55a0-HC Mobile Computer

    Handheld Mobile Device

    Achieve positive patient identification with wristband barcode scan and confirmation of a second patient identifier.

    The MC55A0-HC is designed for life inside the hospital, able to endure everyday drops and bumps as well as disinfecting after each patient. And robust wireless application performance and wireless connectivity options allows healthcare givers to access patient records, accurately administer medication, monitor patient vital signs, place lab and pharmacy orders, view test results and more – all in just seconds anywhere inside the facility.

  • QLn220hc

    Mobile Label Printer

    Labeling right at the bedside – Eliminate patient risk and loss of productivity caused by manual specimen labeling errors.

    The Zebra QLn220 is the latest 2 inch mobile label printer from Zebra. It’s rugged, lightweight and ideal for printing narrow width labels where ever you need them – with simple backend IT integration. If you’re a fan of the QL220 plus, check out the latest and greatest from the QL family.