Positive Patient ID – Wristband with Barcode

Positive Patient Identification Solutions in Healthcare

Healthcare administrators everywhere understand that positive patient identification (patient wristband with barcode) is absolutely essential for safe patient care. Whether you operate an ambulatory clinic, a primary care hospital or a nursing home, you are always searching for ways to eliminate medical errors, many of which happen because the service is being delivered to the wrong patient. At RMS Omega, we can help you identify your needs and the best solutions available.

Challenges in Providing Patient Care

Your top concerns as a healthcare administrator are probably two sides of the same issue:

  • Patient safety – You want to make sure all your patients receive appropriate, timely care, from testing and treatment to administering medication and providing nutritious meals.
  • Organizational liability – The less commitment to patient safety, the more opportunity for your organization to be held liable for damages. Such situations can result in a damaged reputation, a charge of noncompliance and increased insurance rates.

You have implemented safety policies and procedures for patient care. Your staff members are well trained in the five patient rights of medication administration: right patient, right drug, right dose, right route and the right time. However, this is not enough.

Your staff also need the most efficient tools possible to make sure they are correctly identifying patients.

Positive Patient Identification Solutions

Barcode and RFID technology can give you and your staff confidence that each patient is receiving the right care from admission to discharge. The key components of this solution are:

  • Patient wristbands have a barcode with demographic information and pertinent medical history.
  • Wristband printers are used at admission to produce high-quality barcoded wristbands in varying sizes.
  • Barcode scanners are used to capture the barcodes and transmit information to the computer for processing the data.

Contact our team of healthcare specialists, we can work with you to develop a patient identification system using state of the art products from trusted partners.

rfid infant id in the nicu - Positive ID - patient wristband barcodeUsing RFID for Patient Identification

Instead of using barcodes alone, RFID technology can provide faster and more convenient patient identification. When using an RFID wristband and corresponding reader, nurses can quickly scan and identify a patient without adjusting or disturbing them regardless of their position or orientation since there is no line of sight required. The potential to get the scanner’s beam in a patient’s eyes is also eliminated.

Learn more about using RFID for Patient Identification.

The RMS Omega Solution

Our total solutions are comprised of hardware, printers, media, software, and services. Deciding which of the components works best for your operation and environment may require the assistance of our Solutions Consultants. Contact us and together we’ll assure your organization a successful barcoding or RFID project.  Below are some recommended components for positive patient ID.

Featured Solution Components

  • RestEasy RFID

    RMS Omega's RestEasy RFID

    With RMS Omega’s Patent Pending RFID technology, line of sight is not required to scan and collect patient data. By utilizing a combination of barcode (1D and or 2D), UHF RFID technology and human-readable text for positive patient identification, the patient’s experience is greatly enhanced and caregivers workflows are shortened dramatically.

    • RFID provides instant verification. There is no need to get close or adjust the patient to scan a barcode.
    • Use RFID to identify patients in the OR, NICU, and ICU. Verify patients through blankets, clothing, isolettes & drapes.
    • Wristbands contain a specialized passive RFID tag tested for optimal use in medical environments.
    • RMS Omega’s UHF RFID readers can quickly and easily scan barcodes in addition to RFID tags. Hospitals can choose the reader that best suits their needs, including Bluetooth®, cordless and corded versions.
  • Z Band Wristbands

    Zebra Z-Band Wristbands

    You will be pleased with the durability of the Z-Band patient wristband. It is available in either a pressure sensitive pull tab or a clip closure. Other features include:

    • Antimicrobial-coating
    • Resistant to water, alcohol and chemicals
    • Safe for MRI and other imaging procedures
    • Sizes for adult, pediatric, infant and bariatric
    • Compliant with AHA and HIPAA standards
  • Wristband Printer

    Zebra HC100 Wristband Printer

    The popular HC100 direct thermal printer by Zebra can quickly and easily produce your patient wristbands. It features:

    • Easy-to-load Z-Band cartridges
    • Accurate detection of wristband size to ensure calibration for optimal print quality
    • Prints individual wristbands, as needed, eliminating waste
    • Compatible with other IT systems
    • Small footprint and easy to move
  • healthcare scanners

    DS6878-HC Imager Barcode Reader

    Your healthcare professional verifies patient identification by scanning the barcodes on the patient wristband, his own employee badge and the medication or test order. He needs to be able to rely on the best barcode scanner available so he is not distracted from actual patient care. The Motorola DS6978-HC device offers these features:

    • Intuitive and ergonomically designed for easy, comfortable use
    • Captures linear and 2D barcodes and other images, as needed
    • Able to capture damaged or degraded barcode images
    • Cordless freedom of Bluetooth
    • Can be deployed on a computer or a mobile cart

    Contact us for assistance! Our specialists in software for healthcare facilities are available to discuss various options and help you develop a customized positive patient identification solution.