Specimen Tracking System

Specimen Tracking System in Your Healthcare Facility

The entire histology process in your healthcare facility from taking specimens to processing them and recording the results is an essential part of patient care. It is usually the test results that determine an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

There are two primary reasons for you to make sure you and your staff can have confidence in the way specimens are tracked:

  • Patient safety which is always the focus of point-of-care
  • Efficiency in the workflow from bedside to laboratory to physician

RMS Healthcare Solutions - Specimen tracking software & systemChallenges and Solutions to Processing Specimens

Each step of the histology process has its own challenges whether it is blood, tissue or other substance that is being tested. Walk through an example of a blood draw from a patient to identify issues and possible solutions.

Step One

Follow your phlebotomist on her rounds. She goes to the bedside of a patient and draws a vial of blood to send to your onsite laboratory. The challenges are:

  • Positive patient identification
  • Accurate labeling of vial containing specimen

The solution is barcode technology in which:

  • The patient wears an identification wristband
  • The phlebotomist scans the wristband and her own ID badge to verify a match to the test order
  • After drawing a blood sample, the phlebotomist prints the barcode label with the patient info right at the bedside and immediately affixes it to the specimen vial, ensuring 100% accuracy

Step Two

The next step is processing the specimen in the laboratory. You know the volume of lab tests done each day for your healthcare service. Just think of the challenges:

  • Need for appropriate tools to support a stringent protocol to eliminate any mix up in reporting results
  • Ability to incorporate the label technology into the larger lab information system in order to track progress in testing specimen
  • Environmental factors such as moisture, chemicals and extreme temperatures that can degrade identifying labels

Barcode Technology Solutions

Barcode technology provides a solution which:

  • Uses labels that stay legible, scannable and affixed to specimen vials and slides even in extreme conditions eliminating identification errors
  • Provides real time wireless connectivity to ensure there are immediate alerts to any changes to information about the patient or the tests
  • Integrates with laboratory info system with both standard and customized barcodes on requisition forms

RMS Omega can work with you to put together a specimen identification solution specific to your operations. Read on to check out the features of some of the products from established installations at our healthcare customers sites.

Specimen Tracking Software

  • To help eliminate specimen labeling errors and streamlines lab processes in your facility by providing automated specimen identification barcode labels that are ready for bedside application after scanning to verify a match with patient wristband
  • For design and printing solutions which ensure that specimen identification is accurate at the patient bedside and in the laboratory and that can support specific lab applications such as histology cassettes and slide printing

Barcode Labels

RMS Omega offers a variety of cryogenic, tear resistant labels that will not degrade in harsh environments. It also provides customized labels for Cerner, MISYS/Sunquest and MediTech operating systems. They all feature acrylic adhesive that will ensure specimens do not become anonymous or mixed up with others because labels are lost.

Mobile Barcode Scanner

RMS Omega can recommend and supply several handheld scanners from approved vendors. The scanners are optimized for barcode scanning and are absolutely reliable and versatile, featuring:

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Long lasting lithium-ion battery
  • Chemical resistant housing available for disinfection procedures

Contact us when you are ready to discuss what specimen identification solutions are best to maintain excellence in your healthcare service.

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