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Voice Application in Healthcare - hospital communication systemsWireless Voice Communication in Healthcare

As every healthcare administrator knows, effective communication is a keystone of efficient medical practices. Whether you work in an acute health hospital, a long term care facility or a large community clinic, you recognize that nurses and other healthcare professionals need to be continually sending and receiving information pertinent to patient care. These busy environments present their own particular challenges for both written and spoken messaging.

RMS Omega has helped many healthcare facilities put in place hospital communication systems that ensures patient information is available electronically either at a nursing station or on a mobile computer. Healthcare workers have immediate access to whatever has been recorded about patient medical history, tests and treatment. However, even given that apparent efficiency, our specialists can work with you to identify areas of improvement.

Communication Challenges and Impact

Anything that compromises excellent patient care is considered a challenge you want to address. Such issues range from excessive noise in hospital hallways to inability to reach an emergency specialist. You would not have to think long to come up with a list of typical situations including:

  • Seeking help for patient trauma
  • Searching for a wandering patient
  • Coordinating movement of a patient from, for example, his room to physical therapy or stress test
  • Tracking down equipment such as an IV stand or commode
  • Reporting a malfunction such as a broken wheelchair, especially when a replacement is needed immediately
  • Searching for particular staff
  • General paging for staff deployment
  • Verifying test results or treatment orders while patient waits for next procedure
  • Dealing with security issue such as unruly visitors or unexpectedly aggressive patient
  • Coordinating admission of patient from emergency room with medical staff, porters and housekeeping

Committed nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers would rather focus on serving the patient than running back and forth looking for information and people. As an administrator, that is exactly where you want them spending their time. Currently, perhaps you see staff running back and forth to a nursing station, leaving voice mails or even texting and waiting to see if there is a reply.

Such inefficiencies result in:

  • Loss of productivity
  • Less than excellent patient care
  • Unsafe conditions for patients
  • Frustrated, distracted employees
  • Frustrated patients and families
  • Scattered equipment
  • Wasted time and money

If this scenario is familiar to you, it is probably time for you to consult the RMS Omega team. Together you can review your healthcare operations in detail to see where up to date technology solutions would improve communication in your healthcare facility.

Mobile Voice Solutions

SB1 Motorola Healthcare Smart BadgeAn obvious communication tool is a mobile voice system, but one that is more than a phone. Our professionals are confident they can analyze your needs and recommend a hospital communication system that is just right for your operation.

The latest hardware products are small and wearable including:

  • VOIP badge
  • Smart badge
  • Push-to-talk (PTT) wireless badge

Some of the badge features available are:

  • Durability
  • Easy to attach to shirt, belt or lanyard or tuck in a pocket
  • IP54 sealing to resist dust, dirt and disinfectant wipe downs
  • Long lasting battery power
  • Headset jack

There is software available to accommodate complete network integration, including:

  • Direct, immediate voice contact with an individual or with a group
  • Text, email and file transfer
  • Interaction with a range of mobile devices such as computers, smart phones and two-way radios

Benefits of a Voice Solutionpatient Support uses hospital communication systems

RMS Omega guarantees you will immediately see benefits from installing voice technology for the employees in your healthcare facility, including:

  • Elimination of a layer of noise from staff moving around looking for information or colleagues, calling out to each other and paging
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Increased productivity
  • Direct communication resulting in increased accuracy and understanding of instructions and patient information
  • Increased collaboration due to ease of communication
  • Improved task management
  • Overall improvement in the patent care experience
  • Overall improvement in staff satisfaction

As a healthcare administrator you will want to see the cost effectiveness of installing a voice solution for your employees. RMS Omega can provide you with examples of many satisfied customers who have been able to conduct cost benefit analyses to demonstrate significant savings per year.

At RMS Omega, we are ready to work with you to review your healthcare operations and draw on our more than 20 years of successful corporate experience to recommend a solution that is just right for your organization.

Contact us now to start the process of choosing a mobile voice solution for your healthcare service.

Featured Solution Components

  • MC40 HC

    MC40-HC Touch Computer

    Your healthcare staff wants the latest in mobile technology, and a device that is as easy to use as their own smartphone. Your healthcare organization requires an enterprise-class feature set, from data capture and security to manageability and dependably robust wireless connections. Get it all with the MC40-HC, including Android, the most popular mobile operating system in the world; world-class enterprise data capture capabilities; and Extensions (Mx), which adds enterprise-required features that are missing from standard Android. The MC40-HC empowers your healthcare staff to deliver the best possible patient care.

  • Workforce Connect

    Mobile Voice Software

    When you give clinicians mobile computers with voice as well as data capabilities, those clinicians have a single device that not only provides all the data they need, but also allows them to reach or be reached by anyone inside our outside of the facility.  Powerful private and group communications allow rapid response times that save lives and improve results

    Workforce Connect Voice turns enterprise grade mobile computers into powerful mobile deskphones that deliver comprehensive PBX functionality right to the fingertips of your hospital staff.

    Learn more about Workforce Connect Voice Applications in the Hospital.