Healthcare Applications

Wireless Voice Communication for Long Term Care and Nursing Homes

Keeping your staff connected with wireless voice communication can save time, money, and ultimately provides a better experience for residents and patients.

Kea’s Device Management Software along with a small wearable VOIP Badge can help keep your community organized and efficient. With Kea’s voice solution, communication between staff members will take significantly less time. They will be able to communicate from anywhere on the campus without being forced to leave a resident or patient unattended. The Kea Solution also offers financial benefits with the potential to pay for itself within the first 2 months of use. How about that for ROI!

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Learning more about Kea Software:

SB1The Kea solution is a workforce collaboration solution that contains three modules including:

  • Task
  • Communication, and
  • Device


Kea Task allows managers assign tasks to individuals or groups. These tasks can be prioritized and the manager can monitor tasks until completion. Tasks can be saved, scheduled for a later date, or scheduled as a recurring task. Managers can use the analytics feature that can show worker productivity as well as different statistics about the devices used.


Kea Communication allows for voice, voice to text, and text messages to be sent to the device. Push-To-Talk (PTT) technology is used to send voice messages and store personal verbal reminders.


Kea has been designed to handle large deployments with unlimited group management. Kea Device includes features such as provisioning and staging, device naming, and pushing software updates to the device.

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