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Keep Track of Your Assets

With check-in/check-out software, you will be able to keep track of where your assets are at all times. Many companies use check-in/check-out systems where employees log what assets they’re taking. Unfortunately, this can be a time-consuming process. Many times employees may take assets without checking them out. When your employees don’t check out assets, issues can arise. From another employee’s standpoint, they might waste time looking for an asset that is not even there. From a management perspective, you won’t know how often each asset is being used and your reporting will be inaccurate.

All issues can be solved with RFID check-in/check-out software. With software and the right hardware, you will be able to track items as they leave a specified point of entry.

RFID check-in/check-out software is good for use in a variety of industries including warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, and more.

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Features of RFID Check-in/Check-out Software

RFID check-in/check-out software has many features and benefits. The most popular features include:rfid check-in/check-out software

  • Automated equipment check-in/check out process.
  • Track when employees come and go.
  • Track items as they enter and leave the loading dock.
  • Automatically update any database with asset location.
  • Monitor and sound alarms and lights based on unauthorized exit.
  • Fast and easy setup.
  • Instantly capture all data written on RFID tags
  • Stream tag info to databases, Excel, or tab-delimited text files.
  • Integrate any captured RFID scans with your pre-existing asset and inventory systems.

RFID check-in/check-out software works with a range of fixed readers, printers, and RFID tags.

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How to Determine if RFID is For You

All of the options available can be overwhelming if you’re considering implementing an RFID system. But, don’t worry. Our RFID specialists and solutions architects can work with you to identify your specific pain points and figure out the best hardware, software, and supplies combination that fits your needs.

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