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Have Complete Visibility Over Your Inventory

The more you know about your inventory, the more ultimate control you’ll have. RFID inventory control software will allow you to know everything you need to know about your inventory such as:antennas

  • Item consumption
  • Waste
  • Stock levels

With RFID inventory control software, you can easily maintain a central database for all your assets. Every time an item is received, moved, shipped, or used, an RFID reader can read the RFID tag on each item to capture the details. Then, you can readily access this information in real-time or in batch, depending on what works best for your operation.

It is important to keep track of inventory in environments such as manufacturing, warehousing, healthcare, and more.

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Benefits of Inventory Control Software

RFID inventory control software is extremely beneficial for many companies and it can benefit you and your company too.rfid printer

  • Cost savings – you won’t order items that don’t need to be replenished. Additionally, you can complete more reads in less time.
  • Added efficiency – staff will be able to collect data faster with RFID technology and software.
  • More accurate data – RFID solutions are more accurate than barcode systems or manual/paper-based systems.
  • Trend visibility – see trends over time for better planning and business decisions.

With RFID inventory control software, you will be able to perform tasks such as taking inventory, counting and locating, real-time reporting, and quality control.

How to Determine if RFID is For You

All of the options available can be overwhelming if you’re considering implementing an RFID system. But, don’t worry. Our RFID specialists and solutions architects can work with you to identify your specific pain points and figure out the best hardware, software, and supplies combination to best fit your needs.

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